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Part 21: Muska Lacka and Sun & Moon Temple Part 3

As we enter Floor 9, we're greeted by two Golem brothers, named Gol and Sil. There's really nothing special about them, and if they're somehow stronger or take more damage than regular Golems, I can't tell because my sword kicks too much ass.

Toan is faced with a wall of smoke, and decides he doesn't want to face the inconvenience of walking through it. Ungaga jumps in to take care of the problem.

When you hold down the attack button for Ungaga, he does this twirling attack that's used to suck up all the smoke in an over-long and recurring cutscene. It also drains his WHp really fast.

Oh Steve. He says what we're all thinking!

Floor 10 introduces us to the Dune. He's a little sand monster who shoots spikes through the ground at us. Really not that hard to deal with.

Floor 13 is an Ungaga-only floor.

Like Toan, Ungaga can hit multiple times before his speed meter is depleted. However, he only can hit up to three times, whereas Toan attacks 5. His weapons do have a little more range, though that doesn't mean much when I have yet to use the guy, which means he's weak as shit. Even if he was built up though, he's still really not worth using voluntarily.

A handful of bombs and a little luck gets us through this floor.

Blue Dragons are just... blue... dragons. Stronger, tougher, ice-based versions of the Dragons from the first dungeons. Which means the same tactics apply.

Steel Giants are just a newer Golem. You know, it seemed like a good idea to discuss enemies when they were more varied in the earlier levels. If you think it's bad now, wait until the next dungeon.

With only two more floors before the boss, I head back up to the village and start rebuilding some more.

Zabo is a man of peace in a village of warriors. When you finish his home, he tells you that the Sand Warriors (them) have an ongoing fight against the Scorpion Warriors (not them).

Gron is one of the Scorpion Warriors, captured and imprisoned. Completing the prisoner cabin gets you a little cutscene with Ungaga and Gron.

Gron just got made a bitch.