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Dark Cloud

by Jamesman

Part 28: The Final-ish Battle

When we last left off, we'd fought our way across the world, restored the planet, gained many friends, and pursued a being of pure darkness.

It all comes down to this...

On the final floor, Seda's memories replay with a bit more clarity. In case you didn't figure it out, he made a deal to gain power to defeat his enemies. When an assassin tries to kill Seda, Sophia saves his life at the cost of her own. Seda's grief overtakes him and unleashes the Dark Genie onto the world. Later, he would learn of a prophecy and of the Atlamillia, and use a Forbidden Spell to travel to the future in an attempt to stop the Genie.

The Genie's influence spreads across all time and space. He taunts us to try and undo the past.

Toan looks on as the past plays out before his eyes. I think he forgot he's supposed to CHANGE the past and not watch it like it's a fucking television show.

"Dear Penthouse..."

So yeah, we're watching the assassination attempt unfold.

Toan finally jumps in and makes himself useful.

The assassin paralyzes Toan with a spell, then reveals himself. You fool! You could have still pretended to be the REAL Sophia. Don't you know how stupid all the heroes in this game are?

So much for changing the past. Toan, why are you so damn worthless?

Surprisingly badass moment for this game.

Followed by an expectedly dumb moment for this game. "This boy who tried to stop the assassin must be here to kill me too!"

But I'll forgive Seda because he's losing his shit.

And here we are, finally facing off against the Big Bad of the game. This battle is actually a three-parter. Fortunately, we're so decked out with killer gear that each part is a joke. Yes, even the Dark Genie is our bitch.

The first phase has the guy shooting his hands up from the ground and firing invisible magic at us. His hands have eye-like markings on them that change color. Each color corresponds to an elemental attribute. So you need to switch to the attribute that matches to damage the hands. A couple hits each, and it's time for Phase 2.

Here, he starts firing lasers from his face, and you need to used a ranged fighter to target his head. Again, a couple hits do him in.

No more dicking around. The Dark Genie changes form now, and summons minions to attack you.

Aaaand he also fires a tracking laser that blasts the fuck out of you. If you keep running away you'll be alright, but if it hits you, it keeps on you and can KEEP hitting you before you can get away.

When he lowers his head and opens his mouth, you want to run in and hit the jewel-like thing inside. A couple of hits later, and we have killed him dead.

DG here taunts us one last time before sinking into the void.

We need to seal away the Genie once and for all!*

*Not guaranteed to be once and/or for all.

"Atlamillia" is fairy language for "Plot Device." Seriously, Level-5 pulls some amazing stuff out of their asses for this game. Toan's the son of a great warrior, our shiny stone brings back souls, bunnies live on the moon, the fatass genie was really a mouse, etc.

Oh well, let's give this a shot.

Well there you go. Sophia lives, Seda's power is contained, and the Dark Genie's destroyed... for now.

And there it is. Xiao returns to being a kitty, Toan returns to being a boy suffering from ADD, and the world is safe. I mean, I GUESS it's safe. We DID just completely changed 400 years of history, so who knows what kind of Butterfly Effect fuckery that may have caused. Ah well, not Toan's problem!

But we're not done just yet.