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Part 7: Norune Village and Divine Beast Cave Part 5

When we last left off, Toan encountered a small gap (his one weakness), and decided to give up on saving the world and go home. Also, we picked up that cat that's been a pain in our ass.

The Stray Cat becomes ours, and we get to give it a name.

Nahhh, just kidding. This is Xiao, and now we shall feed Xiao this liquid given to us by a stranger who just tried to kill us. This is a good idea.

...Oh sweet mother of cock. Yep, we have a catgirl in this game now. Though the game handles it all innocently enough, I'm sure you, like me, have had your mind poisoned by the internet and can't look at a catgirl with any sort of naivete.

So, yeah. Xiao is our first new party member, and our first ranged fighter, using a slingshot to hit enemies from a distance.

Xiao also has the ability to jump over small gaps, which means we can progress to the next floor now. However, Xiao needs her weapon built up a little bit before we delve deeper into the cave.

As we continue further through the cave, there's less new stuff to really go over. We've seen almost all the enemies this area's going to throw at us, and gone over most of the items. Floor 9 was pretty uneventful, but Floor 10 throws one new enemy at us.

This fucker. The Rockanoff will quickly go into a roll and chase you down for massive damage. He even breaks your block. On the plus side, you can use him to re-enact your favorite Indiana Jones scene.

Another floor, another trip back to town. The repetition is killing me, especially since we don't even have any decent Georama parts to complete any new places. All we can really do is go looting and talk to the small handful of new people, like Gina/Xena.

We find a few Gourds laying around, as well as some Fruits of Eden and another Fluffy Doughnut. I use a couple on Toan (Xiao sucks so I'm not giving her any) and save the rest, and hopefully that's enough to make things a little easier on us.

And since Floor 11 is another Limited Zone, now's as good a time as any to go over playing as Xiao!

Speed is more important for Xiao than it is for Toan, as she only fires her slingshot after the speed guage has refilled. When you attack, your WHp depletes by a set amount, unlike Toan whose weapons can get beat up pretty fast when hitting tougher enemies.

Xiao's attacks also do more damage the closer an enemy is. Sometimes it's best to hold down the attack button, then release it as an enemy comes in for an attack (Just make sure you can kill it or dodge before they connect). Other times, staying away from more dangerous enemies and chipping away and their health is the best bet.

You can also aim and shoot in first-person, but this serves little purpose.

The second-to-last new enemy we'll find in this place. The Dragon is big, strong, but also very slow. His shoots fireballs at you or tries to headbutt you depending how close you are.

Surprising twist time! Let's go to the next floor instead of going back to the village!

The last new enemy of the cave. The King Mimic is exactly what you'd expect a larger version of a Mimic to be.

Another trip to the village yeilds a nice handful of goodies; Too many, in fact. Our bag is starting to get too full on us. Among the items is a new one called Fish Candy, which is Xiao's defense-raising item. We get two of these, which are much needed and very welcome.

Next Time - Let's finish this stupid dungeon and stupid village.