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Part 1: "Prologue" Mission I: The Death Star Plans: Operation Skyhook: Phase 2

"Prologue" Mission I: The Death Star Plans: Operation Skyhook: Phase 2

Level Details
Mission 1 is set before the end of "A New Hope", and involves stealing the Death Star plans before the rebels can attack. This is a great movie tie in level and was exactly what I imagine the developers were going for when they wanted to add legitimacy to their game. However since this level is completely unrelated to the main story of the game is serves its title of "prologue" really very well.



Additional Info
In the commentary I talk about the Game's HUD. Here are the diagrams of the two parts of the HUD which really Matter.

In this Disagram you can see the Health section of the HUD. It is situatated at the bottom left of the screen. In the Green boxes are the shield meters. The Shield Meters are split into 2. There is the Box with a number readout of exactly how many shields you have, whilst above is the arching green bars which give a visual image of the amount of shields you have. The same works for the Health meters which are boxed in Red. The Lives meter is the only other piece of information in this HUD and is boxed in Blue. This shows the number of lives remaining before having to restart the level. The lives default to 3.

In this Diagram the weapon HUD is shown. Boxed in Red is the number display of the remaining shots. This is the amount of the ammo type left. The display Boxed in green is the secondary Ammo count. There is only one weapon in the game which has the secondary fire with a different ammo type and we will cover it when we get to it. Finally Boxed in Blue is the amount of batteries left for all items requiring power, such as the Headlamp.