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Part 10: Mission X: Jabba's Revenge

Mission X: Jabba's Revenge

Level Details
Kyle and Jan managed to avoid all the bounty hunters and yet get captured instantly by Jabba as soon as they take off from the ground. This is the level which caused the rest of the players of this game to give up with it.



- Get your gear back.
- Located Nava Card.
- Rescue Jan.

Part 1, Part 2

Additonal Information
I hope you can see the subtitles of what Jabba is saying in the intro video, but in case you can't here is the transcribed conversation.

Jabba: So this is Katarn, the one that has been a thorn in Mohc's side. Your reputation has traveled far. Too bad you interfered with my affairs.
Kyle: Jabba what have you done with Jan? If any harm comes to her I'll personally shove my blaster down your slimy throat.
Jabba: You talk brave for one who is about to journey down the troat of my favourite Kell Dragon. I only wish I could personally be there to watch you die...
Kyle: I wish you were here too Jabba. There's nothing like roast Kell Dragon.
Jabba: Throw him in!