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Part 11: Mission XI: The Imperial Mask

Mission XI: The Imperial Mask

Level Details
Kyle and Jan head to the Imperial City to decode the Nava card and discover the way to the Arc Hammer.


That's anotherone I owe you, Kyle.

I checked out the Nava Card you stole from Jabba's henchmen. The card is an Imperial Miltary encrypted navigation device that plugs into a decryption key box to decode nava coordinates for the Nava computer. This card could tell us where the smugglers are taking their shipments. Unfortunately, the Nava cardis useless without a decryption key to decode it. That key is located in the Imperial City, the the heart of the Empire. I don't need to tell you that this mission is going to be a dangerous one.

Madine, through his inside contacts, has arranged a security code clearance that will allow me to fly into the city and drop you off. Your target will be the Imperial Security Operations Building, the center for intelligence for the Empire; a maximum security area with all posts alert at all times. The Decoder is kept in a large underground vault in the heart of the I.S.O building. Once you have cracked the central computer, you will be able to insert the Nava Card into the decoder and write the navigational information on data tapes. Then you will have to get out of the building with those tapes and return to the ship.

- Locate the I.S.O building.
- Crack the main vault. Insert the Nava Card into the decoder and get the decoded data tapes.
- Meet me back at the ship.