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Part 12: Mission XII: Smuggler's Hijack

Jostiband posted:

The real trouble is those turrets. Those troopers are just Concussion feed, but those turrets re place in such a way to make them really annoying to hit.

Also, why didn't you solve the vault? I don't remember if it's marked or not, but I'm going to count it as a missed secret.

I actually don't know what you're talking about. If you could describe it in better detail I could possibly made a video of it, or you could make one to show me. It's not marked as a secret as I run through the levels a couple of times before hand to check i get them all.


Mission XII: Smuggler's Hijack

Level Details
We have finally found the Codes to The Executor, and now we just need to make it on board. Since, however, we can't just fly the mouldy crow up to the ship and ask them politely, we need a smuggler ship, and so Obviously we have to steel one.


From the Navigational Data Tapes I was able to trance the next smuggler cargo ship'd route. That route leads to the Super Star Destroyer, The Executor. We have found out that, for security reasons, the Arch Hammer makes periodic jumps across the Galaxy, always hiding its location. The only ship that knows those locations is The Executor. The smugglers cargo ship will meet up with the Executor which will them hyperspace to the Arc Hammer.

In order to get to the Arc Hammer, hijack the smuggler ship before it meets up with The Executor. That smuggler ship will be sitting duck as it fuels up at the Fuel Station Ergo. Hijack the ship and (under the guise of a smuggler) meet up with The Executor. There you will sneak onto the Exector and wait until it's rendezvous with the Arc Hammer. For the rest of the mission I won't be able to provide backup, so be careful. Get your hide back safely. It would get pretty lonely back at the Rebellion without you to worry about.

- Get on Board the smuggler ship.
- Hijack the smuggler ship.