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Part 13: Mission XIII: The Stowaway

Mission XIII: The Stowaway

Level Details
We have finally made it on board the Executor. Our Mission now is simple, to travel onto the Arc Hammer as quickly as possible using one of the storage capsules transferring the materials to the Arc Hammer. Kyle could also do with spending as little time on board The Executor as possible.


Now that you're on your own, you won't have me to get you out of trouble. I've programmed your PDA with the mission information that will help you with your tasks.

Once on the Executor, you will wait for the right time to make your attack. The Executor will meet up with the Arc Hammer and begin transporting its cargo. Get into one of the cargo containers and ride inside it to the Arc Hammer. Most likely they will halt this operation when they find out you're on board, so you will need to start it up again. That is where your next mission will begin.

- Reach the cargo shuttle bay.
- Activate the cargo shuttle system.
- Jump into the cargo ship and ride to the Arc Hammer.