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Part 14: Mission XIV: The Dark Awakening

Mission XIV: The Dark Awakening

Level Details
Kyle finally made it onto the Arc Hammer, after what was a surprisingly short game. Here is his biggest challenge, move around the Arc Hammer with as little dying as possible and more importantly blowing up both the production and distribution method of Dark Troopers in one smooth movement.


The Arc Hammer is a large cruiser that acts both asthe construction facility and as a launch platform for the Dark Trooper. Taking this thing out of commision will be a daunting task. I am confident that you can do it, but don't let that go to your head.

Once on board, you will need to find the three exchange couplings that lead to the main power grid. Place a sequencer charge in each coupling. These couplings most likely will be in small alcoves deep inside the Arc Hammer structure. Once you set those charges, your escape will be by Imperial shuttle. Stay out of trouble and make it back in once piece.

- Set Sequencer Charge 1.
- Set Sequencer Charge 2.
- Set Sequencer Charge 3.
- Get to the shuttle bay and escape with an Imperial Shuttle.

Part 1, Part 2


I said I would do something special for this video, and I will post it tomorrow, as a finale farewell to the Dark Forces series.

I hope you have enjoyed my playthrough of this game. See you tomorrow for the (non-story related) Finale.


Here is the Grand Finale - It has a lot the most memorable moments from the past (almost) year of LPing this series, hopefully you'll remember some of these.

Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread, and also those who watched the videos without posting. Until the last couple of videos I seemed to have a really consistent number of viewers around about 180 - 200, so thanks to you all.

Thanks to everyone who posted criticism, I am going to take this thread to Harsh Crit, hopefully I can get some good comments there, to work on. But I'd love it if you could post any improvements you'd like to see done in any future threads.

Specifically, would you like a higher video quality than Dailymotion or was it good enough for you too see everything well enough.

Thanks especially to Stabbey who was my first reply way back in the Jedi Knight thread and has stuck with me through all of the Lucasarts games I've done. He's provided me with a lot of help as well as joining me for two of the threads.

My next thread won't be until the end of May, I have finals starting soon and they run until the end of May. Hopefully I should have a lot of the groundwork done (test playthroughs, maybe even some recording and editing) but I won't be starting a thread until I am done with exams.