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Part 2: Mission II: After the Massacre

Irregular Hunter posted:

Ahhh this brings back a lot of memories. It's sad that I never got to complete it so I'll be checking this out.

But I'm afraid Jon Pertwee beat you at LPing this game first.

Well damn. Looks like Thread over guys.

Also Maxwell if you wish to suply me with Star Wars jokes to read I can make a "Joke Sponsored by Maxwell Adams" part of my commentary.


Mission II: After the Massacre

Level Details
After the Destruction of the Death Star a Rebel Base is attacked. This is thought to be a retaliation due to the destruction of the Death Star. Kyle Katarn is re-hired and sent to find out what has happened. Due to the Fact that they consider this attack to be retaliation against the Death Star makes me think that this whole game is set sometime between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back".



Additional Info
Since I missed Point out the Objective of this Level and said in the commentary that I would show a screen shot of it. Here is the Objective:

Dark Trooper Weapon

Continuity Note: I mention about killing all the enemies in every level during the commentary. This will not be happening as there is no advantage to doing so, and it would be boring to watch me Byrer Pistol snipe enemies you can't see due to video compression. So just disgregard that whole comment.