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Part 4: Mission IV: Imperial Weapons Research Facility

My internet connection here doesn't upload things very well for some strange reason. For this reason Dailymotion seems to be the only site I can put videos on. So until next week all videos that are over 20 minutes will be split into 2 parts. Next Saturday I will start to upload the complete videos to Vimeo so that they can be watched in one constant flow.


Mission IV: Imperial Weapons Research Facility

Level Details
Upon Interegation Moff Rebus revealed the location of the reasearch facility where he was conducting his tests. The Planet it was on is called Fest and Kyle is sent in to investigate what was going on and hopefully come back with a clue that will help the Rebals defeat the Dark Troopers.


Video: Part 1, Part 2

Additional Information
Back when lucasarts was a company that madetruely exellent games, they had a team of designers with a sense of humour. In this level there is a very hidden secret. It's not actually marked as a secret but the room is still there. I am here today to answer the question "Why are the Ewoks attacking the Imperial troops in Return of the Jedi":
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