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Part 5: Mission V: The Blood Moon

Cooked Auto posted:

You think you could angle the mic away from you for the next video? The commentary is good but the mic breathings are a bit disturbing.

Yeah sorry about this. I had already recorded todays and tomorrows update before reading this, but I will be sure to improve for 2 days time.

Mission V: The Blood Moon

Level Details
The Metal Kyle found on Fest is thought to be being used in the production of Dark Troopers. All the metal of this type comes from the Moons of Gromas and the Imperials have a mining station on one of them. Kyle is sent to "slow down" the mining of this metal with an aim to stopping the production of Dark Troopers.



Additional Information
Jeron Fusion Cutter:

The fusion cutter is officially mentioned in the Star Wars novel. It is used in mining situations to cut rock. I thought it was cool-sounding and would be good in the game. ("Jeron"...just popped into my head, right about the time the manual needed to go to press. It's amazing what deadlines can do for your creativity.) Jeron is the manufacturer of this tool. Jeron makes great tools: anything from cutters to hydrospanners.