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Part 6: Mission VI: Crix Madine's Fate

Mission VI: Crix Madine's Fate

Level Details
Crix Madalane has been discovered to be a spy. Since he has done the Rebals such a great service so far he must be rescued. He provided so much of the information for our previous missions that the Rebals feel that it is Kyles duty to rescue him. Or perhaps it's just because they have a mercenary for hire with nothing to do.


Bad news Kyle: our spy, Crix Madine, has been captured. He's being held at the Imperial Detention Center on Orinackra and awaiting execution. He has been Valueable in supplying us with information on the Dark Trooper, and I think we owe it to him to make a rescue effort.

The Imperial Dentention facility is well secured--hard to get in, even harder to stay alive. There is a switch controlled shuttle carrier to the facility that will bring you to the main doors. Indside the complex two main elevators access the lower prison blocks. One goes down the low security levels and down to the command center; the other leads back up the highsecurity blocks where Crix Madine is being held in the N block. Each cell is locked with its own code card carried by an Imperial officer, so first you'll need to find the right card to Madine's cell. Since the high security blocks are controlled from inside the block, once the guards are alerted it will be impossible to penetrate. I suggest you find an optional entrance into the high security block. You'll really be outnumbered here, so rely on stealth rather than firepower.

- Find Crix Madine

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Additional Information
So for Secret five, the secret with the extra life, since it was impossible to get in we had to cheat. The cheat we used was a Height toggle cheat, all it does is to make all heights the same for the player meaning that you can walk "up" huge walls. To activate this cheat you need to type "lapogo" (as in Lucasarts pogo stick) whilst playing the game. No need to bring up any sort of menus just type in the letters and your good to go.