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Part 9: Mission IX: The Death Mark

Mission IX: The Death Mark

Level Details
Kyle is being hunted by every bounty hunter in the Galaxy. So in true rebal fasion they send him right into the heart of the underworld Nar Shadda. Here his is looking for a clue on how to get to the final of the Dark Trooper construction facilities, the Arc Hammer.


You must be making a big dent in Mohc's plans, Kyle. I got word that he has placed a healthy death mark on your head. Every bounty hunter in the system will be out for your hide. But if that's not enough. I've tracked some smuggler ships that have made routes to and from Grams and Anteevy, and they all lead to Nar Shaddaa, the smugglers den--just the place you want to be when you have a price on your head.

The smugglers must be getting their routes from the Empire somehow and this is the hub for that kind of activity. What you'llbe looking for are Imperial Navigational devices or charts. I will be landing the the heart of Nar Shaddaa, so try not to stir up the local bounty hunters.

- Find Imperial Navigational evidence.


Additional Information
Nar Shaddaa is a location that Kyle seems to be constantly returning to. He is also never wanted on Nar Shaddaa and often some Kingpin tries to kill him. Jedi Knight sees him return here for the first 2 levels of the game and they are fantastic. Jedi Outcast sees him return here for the Infamous level 8 "Sniper City" (not it's real name). However it is in this game the Nar Shaddaa proves it's most difficault.