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Original Thread: Crawling in my metal skin: Let's Play Dark Sector!


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Dark Sector is a third-person, over-the-shoulder, cover-based, hyphenated-word shooter developed by Digital Extremes, the same people who made Unreal Tournament. Originally announced in February of 2000, it quickly fell into development hell and went unheard of for years where it shifted wildly between being an Unreal Tournament-style arena shooter, a space-based survival horror and finally settling on being a Russian dismemberment simulator. The game, while a great deal of fun, had the bad luck to be released around the same time as other gritty and overly melodramatic shooters such as Gears of War and Resistance 2, so when it failed to be exactly like them everyone complained. So now it falls to me to show you just what you've been missing out on.

The story follows Hayden Tenno, an angsty and not terribly bright cleanup agent for the CIA who is sent into the fictional former-Soviet Bloc nation of Lasria to find and kill an evil scientist who is developing biological weapons. Very quickly, however, the evil scientist captures Tenno and infects him with the same virus that Tenno was sent to stop from spreading, the Technocyte Virus. Tenno quickly devolves into an insane monster and- wait. No, that's what happens to everyone else who gets infected. Instead, Tenno gets rapidly evolving superpowers and chooses to complain about it just because.

All videos have a secondary audio track containing only game audio without commentary.
episodeOne - I can't do this again YouTube
episodeTwo - Improvise YouTube
episodeThree - As the world drowns YouTube
episodeFour - Moths to the flame YouTube
episodeFive - Draw in the old ones YouTube
episodeSix - Justice, not retribution YouTube
episodeSeven - Amidst filth and decay YouTube
episodeEight - A tourist attraction YouTube
episodeNine - Such a waste YouTube
episodeTen - Opening the cages YouTube
episodeEleven - Do the right thing YouTube
episodeTwelve - Holy Mother of God YouTube

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(Voice by Michael Rosenbaum)

The protagonist of the game, Tenno is a 'cleaner' working for the Central Intelligence Agency, sent in to clean up botched missions. After botching a mission in Lasria, and killing a number of innocent civilians he quit his job, wracked with guilt. Now, pulled out of his retirement he is returning to the site to eliminate the rogue scientist Robert Mezner. However, infected with the virus he was sent to contain Tenno begins manifesting special powers that will help him with his mission.

(Voiced by Dwight Schultz)

Formerly a lead researcher at the Vozro Research Facility, Robert Mezner was a brilliant scientist making great advances in controlling and understanding the Technocyte Virus. The CIA, however, being the huge assholes they are, did not like this and infected him with the very same virus. However, Mezner was also partially inoculated against it and became something more. Now, he's plotting to release the virus upon the rest of the world. Also, what kind of scientist has sandals and a cravat as part of their uniform?

(Voiced by Jürgen Prochnow)

A Lasrian native working as a sleeper agent for the CIA. He knows a little too much about the virus and Mezner's operation to be completely innocent, but the equipment and information he provides is too valuable to pass up.

(Voiced by Julianne Buescher)

Like Hayden, Nadia is a former agent of the CIA. She turned her back on the CIA and joined Mezner after Hayden was sent to 'clean up' a group of civilians. There must be more to her than meets the eye, though.

Jerks not deserving of pictures.

Viktor Sudek

Viktor is another CIA double agent working within Mezner's organization. When he is discovered, Mezner has him infected with the Technocyte Virus, perhaps in the hopes that the CIA would attempt to extract him, and bring the virus along with him. Additionally, he shares a last name with Nadia, and based on his appearance, he is most likely her father.

Dixon, the A.D.

An Assistant Director of the CIA and Hayden Tenno's commander during both of his missions in Lasria, Dixon clearly has a plan that he isn't fully explaining, but is hoping he can use Tenno's unstable mental state for some undoubtedly convoluted and silly reason. You don't get very high in the CIA if you can't create absurd and Byzantine plots.
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