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Original Thread: This Thread Is The Firstborn - Let's Play Dark Souls!



Don't play that game, you know what Dark Souls is. In case you don't for some reason, however: Dark Souls is a third person action RPG by From Software, published by Namco Bandai. It was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, and after much begging by the PC community, on PC in 2012. The PC version sucked absolute nuts because From had never made a PC game before (and in fact they stated this when asked to make the PC version!), but thankfully our good man Durante took up the reins of making it actually playable, which is why this LP is possible!

Players assume the role of a cursed human who has been chosen to make a pilgrimage out of the Undead Asylum to discover the fate of the undead. Along the way they meet some good friends, chop up a lot of mindless zombie jerks, and are lied to by pretty much every man, woman, and creature they come across.

Because it's a fantastic game and it's great for just chilling out with a friend and shooting the breeze about whatever comes to mind. Initially it was conceptualized as a way to talk about the lore and blab on about how much Faerie Fortune and I love the game, but that dissolves into just general chat pretty quickly. Still, it is the overarching idea that guides our playthrough and we do return to the subject often!

Feel free. The game is approaching a finely aged five years old now (I know, weird, right?) and Faerie Fortune and I decided that we would just talk about whatever when we started recording, so spoilers are a non-issue. I would appreciate if you'd show a bit of discretion and not like straight up spoil everything in the game in one post, but overall it's not a big deal.

Most people know about this game because it is very hard, but I have a whopping 875 hours of playtime at the time of writing this OP so I'm pretty good at it. I will be behind the wheel, while my good friend and co-commentator Faerie Fortune provides some much needed company. Editing will be extremely light and often times non-existent because the goal of this LP is to provide a podcast-like experience. Since we talk about spoilers right out of the gate and explore the bounds of the story while at the same time chatting about whatever comes to mind, the gameplay itself is a bit less of a focus this time around than my usual let's plays. As I said above, it's a great game for just shooting the shit with a friend and that's what we did, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too.

It is, yes. Initially Faerie Fortune and I posted in the stream thread about this playthrough and all of our commentary was recorded on the stream, as well as all of the gameplay footage. However, I wanted to record a local copy in 1080p along with my own vocal audio so that I could make it high quality when I uploaded it to Youtube! Then the streams went on for hours and hours and I got way more footage than I'm willing to just dump onto Youtube at once (and also it'd take like 3 straight days to render in 1080p at this point)... so we decided together that we'd make a full let's play out of it!

Also, the stream was her idea, just for the record.

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