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Part 8: No-Man's Wharf

Since the Majula bits can take up a bit of time I'll put them into separate videos from now on if they get too long. So if you already know the dialogue and stuff or just don't care you can skip that and hop straight to the actual exploration of No-Man's Wharf

Tha ragged look of the Hexer's set combined with the doofy Manikin Mask creates... quite something. Some people theorize that the Manikin Mask is supposed to be the generic anime mask from the first trailer of the game but then they had to drop it because Naruto owns the right to generic anime masks or something (in case you couldn't tell: This is ridiculous and definitely not true). But yeah, we're using two Katanas, which means we're pretty anime, so having a mask that is associated with anime in some way shape or form is uh... good. Yeah. Let's go with that.

Flexile Sentry

This is kind of an easy boss on New Game. You can easily just bait an attack, any attack, and then go in for a hit or a couple. It's easiest with the half that uses dual clubs, but you can also do it with the sword wielding one. I guess they intended to make an intense boss fight you can just strafe behind of and be safe. It just does a couple generic swing combos. The only attack that can catch you off guard is when both halves attack at the same time. This will still only attack in one direction, though, and I never managed to get hit by it so I don't know if it at least hits hard.

On New Game+, however, this fight is pretty difficult. In addition to the Flexile Sentry you'll find two Ninja-like enemies, which you could farm for their gear if you like, but this is the only place in the game where you can find them. So good luck with that. It's important to take them out as quickly as you can, though. While neither the sentry nor those two are dangerous on their own they will find a way to ruin your day if you give them enough time.

Speaking of time: If you take too long the water level will rise up to waist high level. You won't drown, of course, but you'll move really slowly. This should only happen to you if you're really underleveled, though.

Lore-wise the Sentry's job is to punish the undead and probably transport them to and from the Lost Bastille, which has the same purpose the Undead Asylum had in the first game. Which is being a place where the undead are put to never be seen again.

Boss Weapons
Soul of the Flexile Sentry.
The Flexile Sentry is a merciless creature whose purpose is to punish the Undead.
Give his Soul to Straid to make...

Warped Sword

Moveset/Weapon Class: Curved Sword
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 92/230
Scales with: STR (E), DEX (A)
Requirements: 15 STR, 25 DEX
Damage Type: Slash
Note: When powerstanced with daggers or thrusting swords it'll do a unique multi-hit attack instead of the normal heavy powerstance attack.

In-Game Description:
A curved sword forged from the soul of the Flexile Sentry. Once straight, but later twisted to reflect its warped owner.
Long ago, the dungeons overflowed with the accursed, and the King commanded a contorted sentry to deliver those who had no cells to a faraway land, and to make certain they were never heard from again.

Arced Sword

Moveset/Weapon Class: Curved Greatsword
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 114/360
Scales with: STR (C), DEX (B-A)
Requirements: 26 STR, 16 DEX
Damage Type: Slash

In-Game Description:
A curved greatsword forged from the soul of the Flexile Sentry. There is something unsettling, and at the same time beautiful, about its long curved blade.
Long ago, the dungeons overflowed with the accused, and the King commanded a contorted sentry to deliver those who had no cells to a faraway land, and to make certain they were never heard from again.

Barbed Club

Moveset/Weapon Class: Hammer
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 100/250
Bleed Build-up (+0/+5) 67/100
Scales with: STR (C), DEX (C)
Requirements: 20 STR, 18 DEX
Damage Type: Strike
Note:: When infusing the Barbed Club with an element the base physical and bleed damage does not get reduced like it normally would, so it really benefits from split damage types.

In-Game Description:
A club forged from the soul of the Flexile Sentry.The spikes covering its length are as vile as the sentry itself.
Long ago, the dungeons overflowed with the accursed, and the king commanded a contorted sentry to deliver those who had no cells to a faraway land, and to make certain they were never heard from again.

Item Descriptions
Dark Souls II: A straight sword with a very long blade. One of few ultra greatswords. No human was intended to wield a sword of this weight or destructivenes
"Only a few famed warriors have ever wielded this great blade, for it challenges the very limits of human ability.
Dark Souls: One of the gigantic straight greatswords.
Very few have what is takes to wield this incredibly heavy, damage-dealing monster.
A favorite of the Knights Berenike, known for their heavy armor, and Black Iron Tarkus
Note: In the first game the Greatsword was way thinner and modelled after the Sword Guts used in the Golden Age Arc of the Manga Berserk. Here it's way bigger and is more akin to the Dragon Slayer, which is Gut's signature sword/chunk of metal. Also: The Greatsword is actually not classified as a greatsword type weapon. It's an Ultra Greatsword.

Varangian Armor Set
worn by Varangians, that terrorized nearby seas. The coastline stretches far Drangleic. Beyond this Northern Sea is an unexplored continent, said to be the home of things inhuman.

Royal Soldier's Ring
A ring bearing a soldier's seal. Increases the load that can be carried.
These rings were granted to warriors who distinguished themselves in the service of King Vendrick. The king favored simple warriors who staked their every battle on strength alone.

Pyromancy Flame
Dark Souls II: A flame catalyst used by pyromancers. Pyromancers rouse this flame to produce various fire arts.
Equip pyromancy flame to produce pyromancy. Attune pyromancies at a bonfire. The strength of a pyromancy depends on the strength of one's pyromancy flame, which can be improved through reinforcement.
Dark Souls: Flame medium used by Great Swamp pyromancers. Pyromancers arouse this flame to produce various fire arts.
Equip pyromancer flame to produce pyromancy. Attune pyromancies from a scroll at bonfire. Most pyromancies have a limited no. of uses
Note: In the first game there's mention of Pyromancers of the great swamp, which is supposedly a location different from the Swamp at the bottom of Blighttown. Still, Pyromancy was first discovered/created by the Witch of Izalith (Izalith being located beyond the swamp of Blighttown), one of four major players in the war against the Dragons. Her job was basically to burn the Dragons and also the Archtrees. the trees seem to have recovered by the time Dark Souls begins. But the dragons are totally extinct and all the giant winged lizards we meet are drakes, which are so different.

Miracle: Emit Force
Dark Souls II: A miracle derived from Force. Emits a forward-moving shockwave.
Throughout history, there have been many examples of imitative miracles. When discerning original from imitator is nigh impossible, which is which hardly matters.
Dark Souls: Outland miracle, foreign to the Way of White. Emit shockwave.
Considered an alternate branching of Force. Emits an expanding shockwave orb.
Note: The Way of White was associated with Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. Gwyn is a welsh name and literally means white. Also: All of Gwyn's children that we know names of start with Gwyn. There's Gwyndolyn and Gwynevere. The third child we know of, his first born son, did never get his name mentioned. Probably uh... Gwynson, yes. That's a good name. The reason we don't know his name is because he got disowned for some reason and lost his status as a deity. Possibly his powers and memory too. A lot of people speculate that Gwyn's first born is actually Solaire, which is the reason he's so obsessed with the sun, seeing as Gwyn is the Lord of Sunlight. That or Solaire is just a crazy person.

Clear Bluestone Ring
A ring that belonged to Fiorenza, the only truly moneyed merchant in Volgen. Shortens spell casting time.
Fiorenza used his riches to buy up trinkets of luxury and rare collectibles, but was ruined after years of excessive debauchery.

Shadow Set
Used to hide in the cover of night. Those who are especially adept assassins are often hired as bodyguards.
In an attempt to stave off the curse, King Vendrick hired shadowmen to put down the Hollows, but before long they were Hollowed themselves.
Note: Shadowmen are an enemy type in Demon's Souls. They have nothing in common with the Shadowmen this set drops from. It's also worth noting that the Gauntlets add bleed damage to your weapons as long as it already has a bleed effect. Infusions count as well.