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Part 15: - Farron Keep Part 2

Oolacile is a land that has been long gone by the time Dark Souls rolls around, at least untl the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, which let us explore this past version of another area of the game. And there is a chance that in Dark Souls III we have returned here once more. Several things related to Oolacile can be found in Farron Keep.

We have a small island of dead Killer Mushrooms, the Crown of Dusk. Dusk being a character from Dark Souls who originates from Oolacile. Later on in a cave we can find another dead Mushroom that presumably is Elizabeth f´rom Dark Souls next to a chest that contains Dusks dress as well as a scroll with light sorceries that were previously sold by Dusk and Elizabeth (further proof of my ridiculous theory that Dusk and Liz are the same person! That or the corpse in the cave is Dusk, I dunno). We can also find a Darkwraith here, while Darkwraiths are more commonly associated with New Londo they are also associated with the Abyss, which ran rampant in Oolacile. Then there's a sharpshooting giant helping us defeat a large enemy, but I'm not sure I should count that one. There are yet more details that would link the area to the Abyss but that's something that we'll see soon.

All of this might mean that it's the same place or a place with similar roots. But what do we actually know of Oolacile?
From Dusk we learn that it is home to a gentler magic that takes it's power from light. There's a spell that illuminates the area around the player, spells that obscure them or their weapons. Then there's Chameleon. Also some repair spell or whatever, not sure how that's light related but I'll take it. None of the spells are offensive, so it stands to reason that Oolacile was peaceful for the most part.

We also know that eventually someone dug around a bit too much and awoke Manus, Father of the Abyss, who many believe to be the Furtive Pigmy. This unleashed the Abyss on Oolacile transforming its inhabitants into monsters, even corrupting Artorias who came to stop the spread of the Abyss. Eventually some unknown hero succeeded in doing this (It's us).

Years pass by and the Royal woods of Oolacile become the Darkroot Woods while the Oolacile Township diappears and roughly in its spot New Londo rises with the purpose to contain the Abyss. Eventually even that crumbles away. Who knows what happened here next? Eventually it may have become Farron Keep.