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Part 43: - Earthen Peak

Let's go on through the Dreg Heap and meet our first boss of this DLC. I began showing some of the item descriptions on screen as we pick up items, though. They might not be on screen for long enough to read sometimes, if this is the case you may either have to speed up your reading or I cut it off because there was a part I didn't want obstructed or something.

Some extra info on the Lapp Questline: If you don't find the treasure in the swamp (a Titanite Slab, though, some also say it's the Ring of Favor +3) he will actually go and find it for you. I don't know what exactly triggers it but it's worth mentioning that our little buddy, true to his word, actually will go and fetch it for us. Though, he'll only get the Titanite Slab for you, which might mean the Ring of Favor doesn't matter after all.

Demon Prince

This fight has a really interesting dynamic. While both the Demon from Below and the Demon in Pain do basically the same things they both have a powered up, and a powered down state they can be in. Powered up they are very aggressive and melee centered while a powered down demon will hang back a bit and use ranged attacks. Most annoyingly, they can toxic you.

The fight will begin with the Demon from Below powering up immediately, while the Demon in Pain will stay depowered for a few seconds. Once the Demon in Pain also powers up the one from Below will eventually perform an attack where he smashes his fists into the ground, causing a small explosion. This Powers that demon down. They will continue powering up and down and for the most part only one of them will be powered up. It's best to attack that one as the weakened one's attacks are easier to avoid while fighting the strong one because their ranged attacks can usually be avoided by moving around.

Generally, when fighting a powered up demon, it's a good idea to wait for one of their attacks and then dodge under them. Meanwhile, should you decide to focus on the weakened one, you really need to pay attention to the other one as it'll just come in at you while you try get some hits in.

Once you manage to kill one the other one can be dealt with much more easily. But which one you defeat last will determine the boss' moveset in phase two, when the last demon will revive as the Demon Prince.

The Demon Prince has mostly the same attacks as the two demons, however they are a bit souped up, often have an AoE or a tail of fire going along the ground. Additionally he gets aerial moves. One has him form a fireball before flying up to throw it down. He can also perform a swooping attack. I found both of those are fairly easily dodgeable if you go towards the Demon Prince and dodge for good measure.

There's also a grab. Nothing too fancy, just picks you up and throws you around.

The following moves, or rather sequence of moves, depend on which demon you killed last. If it was the Demon in Pain he will summon two floating fireballs that will continuously launch smaller fireballs at you. Shortly after the demon itself will fly away to gain distance and breathe fire into the air to create a large ball, once complete a meteor shower will rain down. The moments prior to this are great for getting some hits in, but as soon as the meteors start falling it's best to keep moving until it all blows over.

If the demon killed last was the Demon from Below the Demon Prince gets some sweet Lasers to work with. He begins by flaying away and charging up briefly. It's best to rush towards him as quickly as possible. If you can manage to get close fast enough you can get a lot of damage in and potential stun him for a visceral attack. He will follow up with an explosive laser burst that goes straight forward, but deals AoE damage all around the demon. So best gain some distance when he does that.

Soul of the Demon Prince
The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their prince, and his nearly-faded flame.
So that the last demon standing may rekindle it.

Demon's Scar
This chaotic thing, the last flame kindled by a demon prince, is shaped like the claw marks of a demon.
It is both a fiery bladed weapon, and pyromancy flame.
Skill: Spin Slash - Spin to stoke a fierce chaos flame, and use momentum to transition into a spinning strong attack, creating an evanescent lava chamber.

Seething Chaos
The last flame lit by the demon prince.
This pyromancy hurls a clump of chaos.
Upon impact, this clump of chaos seethes wildly, condenses briefly, then explodes violently.
To the demons, these clumps are shreds of life.

Aquamarine Dagger
A dagger fitted with aquamarine crystal.
Engraved with a prayer in the old tongue to ward off incident. Perhaps it was a parting gift given to one sent off on great travels.
Skill: Crystal Blade - Release magic for the aquamarine crystals, creating a fleeting blue crystal blade, lengthy enough to swing as a straight sword.

Giant Door Shield
Unusually shaped paired greatshields resembling great doors
Heirlooms of the knight who was known as the protector of the meek, yet who failed to protect anyone.
Skill: Shutout - Get a stalwart defense, and shield bash, or strong attack for a heave that holds shields to block nearly all damage.

Desert Pyromancer Set
Dark Souls III: Garb of the desert pyromancers, who once walked the halls of the Earthen Peak. It is said that the thin, burgundy cloth breathes with magic.
Desert pyromancers, most of them female, were known for their great fans of flame, and enchanting looks.
But what is enchanting can also be deadly, especially when clothed in such alluring garb.

Dark Souls II: Sorceress hood from the distant land of Jugo. Appears to be a plain, thin fabric, but is permeated with powerful magic.
Desert Sorceresses have enchanting looks, and they use them to catch people off guard.
Oddly enough, even those who are perceptive enough to realize the ploy fall prey to their seductions with alarming regularity."

Flame Fan
Pyromancy of Zoey, descendant of the desert pyromancers. Use repeatedly to brush the fan left and right.
Zoey possessed true beauty, as did all the desert pyromancers, but hers did not poison, and so she became the unassuming queen of the feeble ones.

Murky Longstaff
The long-handled staff wielded by the murkmen who rise from the depths.
Slathered with a black murkiness, and fit for dark sorceries.
Skill: Chant from the Depths - Works with staff equipped in left or right hand. Briefly boosts the strength of dark sorceries.

Murky Hand Scythe
A short-shafted hand scythe wielded by the murkmen who rise from the depths.
Enveloped by a black dampness, and imbued with the strength of dark.

Harald Armor Set
Armor worn by the Harald Legion, who sought the dark soul.
The armor sank into the dark with the legion, where their cavities bloated in grotesque displays, never again to fit any ordinarily-shaped body.

Harald Curved Greatsword
Giant gold-decorated curved sword wielded by warriors of the Harald Legion, who sought the dark soul.
The swords sank into the dark with the legion, where their blades were severely corroded.
Skill: Sever - Hold the giant blade with both hands and slash repeatedly at foe's feet.

Small Envoy Banner
The small banner used by envoys of Great Lord Gwyn in the days of yore.
Face the ringed cliff and hold the banner high to summon facilitators of transport.
For the pygmies, who took the dark soul, the Great Lord gifted the Ringed City, an isolated place at world's end, and his beloved youngest daughter, promising her that he would come for her when the day came.
Note: We haven't picked it up yet, but this is in the room immediately after the Twin Demons boss fight