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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

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Original Thread: 1994 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Dark Sun - Wake of the Ravager [SSLP]



Motherfucker, I forgot to tag it so it's a shitpost. It's oddly fitting I guess.

Welcome to my terribly run thread of Wake of the Ravager. It was made in 1994, came on a CD when I was 8, I played and sucked at it hard, couldn't even finish the first one. I am here to redeem myself... again.

Well, I beat the first one (requires archives) and now I'll be rolling through this one.

Again: Don't expect great work. Don't expect me to knock this out of the park easily. Expect me to die, forget to do things, and generally not know what things I am supposed to be doing. I'll get around to reading the manual sometime, but that time is not right now.

Things to expect: Bad jokes, swearing like a motherfucker, forgetting to save before big battles and then listening to me whine about it, and sound. That's right, SSLP's don't have sound. Sorry.

The intro to the game can be found here with sound and dialogue that is likely important:

Look at these graphics.

Yes, I am running this on Windows 98.

Holy shit this game looks awesome.

The door opens, a dragon sits in a chair and an evil looking guy enters.

He doesn't even look that evil.

Oh snap! I changed my mind!

The evil man leaves, and the dragon moves his playing piece as if he was a pawn in a greater scheme...

Then a group of heroes appears magically to oppose him! Who could that be?

So in my last LP of Shattered Lands I was told that I can right click on an object to look at the details and completely bork the game and make it unwinnable. I expect someone to tell me if and when that happens so I can reload the save.

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