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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 1

I need to create 4 characters!

I need names, races, classes, and maybe something else.

This is the character creation screen. I can be male or female unless noted:
Mul (male only)
Thri-Kreen (female only)



Humans are the predominant race on Athas. The average human male stands between 6 and 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs 180 to 200 pounds. Humans can be fighters, gladiators, rangers, preservers, clerics, druids, thieves, psionicists, and dual-classed.


Dwarves are short but extremely powerful. Athasian dwarves average 4 1/2 to 5 feet in height and tend to have a very large muscle mass — a full-grown dwarf weighs in the neighborhood of 200 pounds. Dwarves can live up to 250 years. By nature, dwarves are nonmagical and never cast spells. This restriction does not apply to dwarven clerics. Dwarves can be fighters, gladiators, clerics, thieves, psionicists, and multi-class characters.


Elves are a race of long-limbed sprinters given to theft, raiding, and warfare. An Athasian elf stands between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet tall. They are slender, lean, and generally in terrific physical condition. An elf warrior is conditioned to run quickly over sandy and rocky terrain, some- times for days at a time — such a warrior can cross better than 50 miles per day. Elves use no beasts of burden for personal transportation. It is dishonor- able among elves to ride on an animal unless wounded and near death. Elves can be fighters, gladiators, rangers, preservers, clerics, thieves, psionicists, and multi-class characters.


Half-elves are the result of the inter- mingling of human and elven soci- eties in the great cities of Athas. Half-elves are generally tall, standing between 6 and 6 1/2 feet. Due to their mixed heritage, half- elves are often unaccepted by both elves and humans. This intolerance leads them to be self-reliant, and able to survive without companionship. Half-elves can be fighters, gladiators, rangers, preservers, clerics, druids, thieves, psionicists, and multi-classed.


Giants dominate many of the islands and coastal areas of the Sea of Silt. In some lost millennium, as a bizarre experiment or perhaps as some sort of curse, giants were magically cross- bred with humans. Half-giants are now fairly common. Half-giants stand between 10 and 12 feet tall, and weigh in the neighbor- hood of 1,600 pounds. Their features are human, but exaggerated. Half-giants can be fighters, gladiators, rangers, clerics, psionicists, and multi-classed.



Muls are an incredibly tough cross- breed of humans and dwarves. They retain the height and cunning of their human parent, with the durability and raw strength of their dwarven parent. Muls are usually the products of the slave pits. Full-grown muls stand 6 to 6 1/2 feet tall and weigh 240 to 300 pounds. They have stern facial features, and most muls (male and female) have no hair or beard. Muls can be fighters, gladiators, clerics, thieves, psionicists, and multi-class characters.


Thri-kreen are the least “human” in appearance of all the races. Thri-kreen are insectoids — six- limbed creatures with tough, sandy- yellow exoskeletons. They stand as tall as 7 feet at the shoulder, have two large eyes, two antennae, and a small, powerful jaw. Thri-kreen make and use the chatkcha, a crystalline throwing wedge. The chatkcha can be thrown up to 90 yards and still return to the thrower if it misses the target. When it hits, the chatkcha inflicts 3 to 9 points of damage. Thri-kreen cannot use armor, cloaks, belts, boots, or rings due to their non-human shape. Thri-kreen can be fighters, gladiators, rangers, clerics, psionicists, and multi- class characters


Fighters and Gladiators are universally known. The only difference is that Gladiators get a -1AC bonus at level 5. (Armor Class is what tells if I get hit or not by physical attacks)

Rangers can use anything Fighters and Gladiators can, but Rangers can also use two one-handed weapons with no penalty. At higher levels thicker armor interferes with their skills. They can gain some magic at level 8 and must pick an elemental sphere immediately.

Preservers: Some kind of mage I guess. Cast spells in harmony with nature... so druids maybe? Not much armor, not able to use many weapons.

Clerics: Worship one of the elemental spheres. Can cast spells within their sphere, and Sphere of Cosmos up to 3rd level. Can fight in melee, but not top notch. Wear any armor. Can turn undead, but looks like weapon choice is also all about their sphere of magic.

Druids: Apparently not clerics like I stated 2 seconds ago. Full access to their elemental sphere and the entire Sphere of Cosmos. Can use any weapons, but only magic armor. Cannot turn undead.

Thieves: Lockpickers, climbing cliffs (does this game have cliffs? The other one didn't.) Backstab ability, wear light armor and any weapon.

Psionicists: Clairvoyance, telepathy. Can fight, but use light armor and small weapons. The three psionic disciplines are psychokinesis, psychometabolism, and telepathy. Psychokinesis is physical manipulation of objects. Psychometabolism is enhancing ones own body. Telepathy is about defense and attacks of mental types.
Spell lists and whatnot start on page 40 of this manual.


Affects how NPCs and some items react to characters. Lawful good all the way to Chaotic Evil.