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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 3

Lets start and explore the town!

The loading screen, I'll never show this again.

Begin at what I'll later find out are the gates of the city to the south. A woman is crying to us for help. What did you see?

A nightmare, AAAAAAAHhhhhhh fireball out of nowhere. That dude on the left with the yellow turban shot her to death.

And then the guards all came out and began punching Josie, the weakest of the group.

Dory crumples one up top.

Turns out I'm a huge idiot here. I was looking at Antwomans spells and this one does the most damage.... for level 1. If I clicked on Level 1 down bottom it would turn to level 2, then level 3 where the powerful spells are. Antwoman does 3 damage, and I begin to hate myself for not just having 4 fighters.

Dory is the backbone here. Jameson has done well, but it's Dory getting multiple attacks that rule the day.

Cause light wounds? Man mages suck. What the hell was I thinking. Note: I am still on level 1 spells and haven't even looked at the Psionic attacks that do a bunch more damage.

Dory finishes the one in front of Josie (red hair) and then Josie gets a 24pt backstab on the next guy.

Wooooo experience!

Looting is tedious.

We took a beating. I equip some armor, getting a +4 Dragonsbane sword that goes to Dory. Sword on the left, and just above the mouse cursor it says what it is.

The woman died to get this note to someone, so I guess it's important.

The town. I am that dot dead center on the very bottom. After exploring I can explain what we have: Bottom right is an inn which we'll see. Above that is a tavern and one character we care about. Middle block is merchants. Top right is the templar base. Left of that is a couple characters like the guy in charge of the mines. Left of that is a private residence I didn't fuck with yet.

Open are on the left-middle is another set of merchants. Bottom-left is super spooky.

The dude right next to me doesn't want any trouble.

He refuses to talk but then I find out he's the caravan master just in case I need to take a caravan anywhere...

So this is why bandits rule the streets. No king means no law and order.

I do things counterclockwise so I'm moving to the right when I find a beggar.

I give him all of my money (5000) and get 10,000 experience for Dory. That was well worth it. I wouldn't have given him anything normally, this was a happy accident. When I was changing equipment Antwoman had a 2d4+1 2-handed magic weapon. She's better off with two 1d8+1 swords, so I plan to sell that for a boatload of cash.

Bottom right is the inn. There is a girl there in a room but I don't bother her. Rooms cost $25 so I can't afford it since I just gave away all my money. I need to go find a merchant. I head north.

Is that a merchant in the building? Or a bartender? Either way, lets go find out.

Dory is accosted by the malcontents. Move along, Pup, or you might get hurt. Also note I haven't healed yet.

The scum call in backup in the shape of two half-giants from the north and the south.

Josie moved away, but then the top-enemy came down and punched her unconscious. Here she is sprawled out.

Jameson and Dory combine to take out one of the half giants. Antwoman heals Josie, then the others fall in less than one more round of combat.

We enter the inn. The bartender explains that the city is full of shit because there's no king. Lawlessness abounds.

The thieves guild ran underground to hide from the flood of refugees.

I end the conversation and switch to Josie the thief.

Whats this? A trapdoor down to the underground? The newcomers couldn't find this, but Josie did immediately! Experience gained for disarming a trap.

Heading north again I find a miner.

They won't let me join their club, but honestly I don't know why I'd want to go there anyway.

He tells me Arslan is over at the tavern attached to this building. Lets go!

The barkeep tells me Arslan is the red guy in the back room.

I don't bother telling him that I want to join the Veiled Alliance since I'm trying to be super secret. I will eventually, but I want to get a feel for the town first. I tell him I'm just a bystander.

He immediately asks me to do something for him.

I get experience and haven't even done anything yet.

Quest achieved.

He then tells me that Fayina might be able to help me figure out some way to get in there... She's the girl in the tavern that I didn't talk to yet.

This guy is a fount of knowledge. The Draxans are the ones invading the town. They seem organized.

I leave Arslan and head to the middle block to see the merchants.

It's worth $48 but they'll give me $24. You all know the drill... So I end up selling all the shit I don't need.

North of that is the Templar building. This girl is sitting outside the door.

Her poor brother If only a band of plucky heroes could find out what happened to him...

I keep walking and trigger the following conversation...

White: Guards? Alliance?
Blue: A ghost from a childrens tale. Everything's ready, my Master asks another favor.
White: The lord warrior has already done enough for your master.
Blue: It is very small, but it could affect the Lord Warriors plan. There is a Jann named Magnolia. She suspects my master.
***muffled for a bit***
White: Consider it done. Deliver the information to Zorani on the day of attack.
Blue: My master needs some of the money now.
White: None of it until the sultan is dead. Go now, it is not safe to talk here. We'll meet at the backup spot at the appointed time.

The "bad" merchants in the stalls buy my wares for a higher price than the two "normal" merchants. Fuck the normies.

This guy has heard of us. I enjoy money (seeing how I just gave all of mine away) so I hear him out.

I told you bottom left was super spooky didn't I?

The tapestry weaver tells me helpful knowledge of where to find the jann. I may need to find Magnolia later, so I file it away.

Directly north of the merchants is this guy. I opened his door and he yelled at me. I left to go talk to Fayina in the bottom right.

Me picking Josie was a complete accident here. She's got the highest Charisma so I thought she'd help with the merchants. Turns out the thief likes the thief.

But before she can help me she needs my help. Tit for Tat. Back on the list it goes...

So I go to Acar's house up north. His butler lets me in.

He already knows my name, so he's probably powerful or at least connected.

Aha, I'm assuming he's a black market smuggler or something. Iron ore is a cover I expect.

I don't actually have this much money so I hope he'll work something out with me.

Boric is apparently the guy that kicked me out earlier.

I hand him the letter.

A quest completed, experience earned, no blood spilled.

And Fayina is off the hook. Now she can tell us about the Templars.

Here is an 18MB gif of the auto-walk thingy. I'm walking from one side of the map back to Fayina.

More experience for clearing her debt.

So now I can get in there without any problems. What the hell do I do when I get in there? Kill everyone?

She gives me a key to their storeroom that I can loot. Maybe I'll find something useful in there.

Since I have money, I decide to rent a room. I rest the night and heal.

It's right about now that I realized I can cast higher level spells. Shit.

So, our to-do list looks like: