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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 4

I head north with list in tow to rob the Templars with the key I got.

I took a closer look at the statue. I have a feeling it will be a plot point.

I use the key on the door and move in to help myself to whatever they have.

The closet opens to a portal to another dimension!

Turns out there is a double-cross planned. Sorry about the huge images spanning a bit of text but I can't edit all 200 images to half-size just to save space Anyone have better ideas to get across major plot points like this? Maybe some random bullshit posts so the thread isn't 600 images on one page?

Josie leveled up. I've got to stop using Josie since I just checked and she's level 9/8 and the rest are 7/7.

The loot was a gem, a one-off scroll, and some other crap that I sold.

Jameson is a cleric, he turned undead and two died immediately. Antwoman punched the other one for 12 damage and it died.

The loot is a locked cabinet and a dry basin on the wall. This was dumb. Lets go return the skulls.

I ask him about another quest and Great Freyrs have been seen near the pyramid and need to be harvested for their teeth. I don't know what a Freyr is, nor do I know where the pyramid is so a little help would be great guys.

I wander for a bit. I can exit the city west toward the mountains, and I check up north....


I can't go north, but I get some crappy loot to sell.

I am near the templar base, so I knock and walk inside. No one bothers me, and now that the door is left wide open all sorts of pedestrians auto-walk through their fortress.

I go near something I can loot and hear voices through the wall...

The gist is: someone (guessing Templars) are saying "don't underestimate our power, we rule this city."

Someone else (guessing Draxa guys) say "don't fuck this up, the Lord Warrior demands full obedience in the city. Also we're super strong so check yourself before you wreak yourself."

I ignore all that and continue looting. A note falls to the floor. A note from the super important Draxa leader. A note that he left in plain sight in the center of the Templar stronghold. Of course I read it.

Huh, so Lord Warrior is going to the Jann. I'm going to need to go there at some point. We all know by now that the Veiled Alliance is in a slapfight with the Templars. And the last part could mean anything. Throwing flower petals on the ground for him to walk on? Sweeping and making the place look nice? Killing the entire population? Who knows. It's too vague for me.

I found a stupid book and accidentally read it.

I tell the Head Templar that the Draxa are going to doublecross them. I didn't screencap the conversation, but it went like this:

Do you have proof?
Sorta, it's in the cabinet in the next room.
Well I'm forbidden from entering that room.
I'm not.
Ooooh, I get it! Ooops, i dropped the key. Let me turn my back for a moment.

Dory punched the creature. I didn't even see what kind of guardian it was. Notice the templar really did turn his back.

We find proof they are going to double-cross the templars.

I hand it over. The head Templar tells me to go through the tapestry-portal and tell the Draxa guy that he's messing with the wrong Templars.

I don't even know what I'm doing and I'm pulling in experience like it's my job.

In one portal...

And out the other into the midst of their meeting.

The Templars already heard about the double-cross so they just leave. I don't know how, I came right here...

Dory let Jameson get a couple punches in. Why the hell did I roll any mages at all? Useless. The highest spell is 36 points damage so far. Dory hits 4 times for 18-24.

Sweet, we got XP for that! Lets head down to Arslan with the proof!


I tell him I'm ready to go, but first I ask him where it is because I have a feeling I won't be able to follow him.

Oh, I just cleared those skeletons from there. Happy coincidence!

He's fuggin fast

He could have told me that earlier. It's not like he needed to come here to tell me that.

Next time: We find the Veiled Alliance, steal anything not bolted down, and uhh find something else to do maybe?