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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 5

Matthias greets us and asks for info on the Draxa/Templar slapfight.

And then goes on to say that it would be a tragedy because the city can't handle any more bullshit.

He tells me to talk to someone. I do. I also walk around and pick up all 15 chests and bags to beef up my storage capability. Dory is currently playing pack mule to nothing but chests.

It's a big place down here...

This is the spymaster. Her contacts have warned that people are asking about a crew of plucky heroes. It might be us, might not. Lets not read too much into it.

On a completely different note: Was I retarded when I was 10? I couldn't figure this shit out back then. It's completely straightforward right? I must have been eating paint chips or something.

I explore. These are no-name characters. There used to be a bag in the room on the left too. It's mine now.

I find the druid of water. She's a healer.

And then she tells me it's the water that heals. So what is it you say you do here, lady?

2 bags, 3 chests, some money. All mine.

There is a meeting down here that I interrupt.

I'll save you 20 screenshots. This chick is basically sick of hiding. She wants to reveal the alliance (She calls it Divulgence) and it's mages to the public. The public hates mages because the entirety of Dark Sun was torn to shit by bad mages (defilers?) and everyone hunts down and kills any mage they find. She asks me if it's a good idea. I say "Gotta go. Later."

I steal some more chests from every other room and then head up north to find this guy. He's a mage of some kind, there are 2 tapestry-portals in 2 rooms near each other.

He hands me a necklace that gives me 1AC. Then rambles about nonsense until I leave.

Both tapestry-portals reek of Psurlons. Those are the sucker-face things I fought at the end of the last Dark Sun playthrough I think. Maybe?

I leave because there's no one else to talk to.

God damnit.


Me: Ok.

Ok. Where are they?

Where and what the fuck is that?

Aha! An old templar knows where it is.

Great. A dead templar knows where it is.

She hands me a piece of paper that tells the templars butler that I'm cool.

He's a dick until I hand it to him.

Cool. I'm gonna go find the way to get in there.

In her inventory is the key that I found. It's the square rock.

I think I know where it goes...

I go to sell stuff and learn all about the thieves guild. I havent visited them, haven't gone outside of the city to the west toward the mountains, haven't taken a caravan to check on the jann Magnolia, and now I can enter a pyramid to kill guys.

What do I do?