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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 9

With zero choice in the matter I go up.

She yells guards and everyone comes running. Even more have spawned across the entire map.

Four fireballs, lightning bolt and then...

Reroll time.

This time when we go up Josie gets the initiative. Wall of Fog seems to be the only smart thing to do. Now only the chick in white can hit us until they walk through the wall.

Jameson one-punches her and she drops.

Jesus christ.

The magic in the garden goes crazy and murders like 3/4 of the enemy. I consider running away.

Fireballs and everything fly around the entire map striking everyone not me.

And then I miss a screenshot or two. Once the magic runs out, enemies come through the wall. I absolutely didn't see one guy getting close and he cranked Jameson with 6 punches for ~15 each.

Jameson dies.

Dory punches back, we rule the day.

I take everything not nailed down and head back...

Antwoman raises Jameson from the dead.

Another nap and we are ready to continue our adventure. Time to sell stuff and head back to the Veiled Alliance to tell them all the cool shit I did. You know, stopping the evil from coming. That's got to be worth some cash...