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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 10

Alright, fuck it. Last post on this page. Post nonsense everyone!

We get experience and a 1d6+3 ninja star for Antwoman. It also does 1d4 burn damage every 1d6 attempts. So basically it's the worst weapon in the known world. Rather than walk up to someone and punch them for four attacks of 1d8+2 I get a single ninja star for a grand total of 13 damage if everything goes well. I mean, it's better than a bow and arrow, but not with the hundreds of +1 and +2 arrows I've been accumulating. My math is probably wrong, but in testing with them they are not very good.

Also he wants us to go get giant snake eggs.

We have 277,000 money. Also note the flail in Dorys hand. It's 1d8+2 weapon that casts disintegrate which has a chance to instakill an enemy. Talk about badass and overpowered...

Lets go tell the guys how awesome we are for diverting disaster and saving the world.

Oh snap, the Draxans are here! Maybe leaving the door wide open was a bad idea?

We kill the initial wave and save two people in the burning room you can barely see in the last screenshot. Now we head southeast.

Run past me, we'll handle this.

Huh, that's a lot of guys that can cast fireball and the fighters behind them will hit for 15 if they connect. They get 3 or 4 swings I think.

Jameson decides to take full advantage of the Haste that I had cast a while ago. He mows through all three spellcasters.

Josie fireballs for ~30ish damage which is great, but very rarely do I get a grouping like that.

Oh yeah the guy in blue. Lets go save him.

Why are they just standing next to him? Waiting for me to get there to trigger a battle maybe?


Jameson kills 2 spellcasters immediately.

Two of the enemy move to fight Mathias and the unnamed alliance member in pink. Dory punches for fricken 45-50 damage from the back sometimes.

That door sounded very important, so lets go! No time to waste (other than looting everything that is magical and/or expensive.

I mean, he told us where it was. It's not like Dory did anything special here.

We enter. There is a long hallway with some loot and then....

God damnit. If I don't get initiative I'm going to get fireballed to fuck.

So that's how it's going to go down huh?

Antwoman gets the initiative which sort of blows because she doesn't have any area spells or walls or anything. Instead she summons a water elemental to hopefully draw some fire.

They try to sneak behind us, but Jameson makes short work. Josie throws up a wall of fog to confound the spellcasters.

They walk through the wall and hit Josie enough that she is knocked unconscious. I also am at a total loss why I can't cast any spells with Antwoman here. She doesn't have any negative effects, it just seems randomly that I can't cast sometimes.

Dory goes down like the bitch she is, but luckily Jameson arrives and punches hard in her absence.

Dory was just knocked unconscious.

So right about now you guys who know the game mechanics are smirking about that badass flail Dory is using. Was using. It must have had a certain number of charges or something because all of a sudden it's gone.

It's gone every time I replay the fight. I start the fight with it, then end without it. God damnit.

Dory goes back to using the +4 dragonsbane and a +2 axe.

There was a chest, so I looted it.

We arrive back at the base and they have reinforcements. Dory blocks the door so Josie summons an earth elemental for them to fight.

The crew smite their enemies. But where the hell is Mathias?

The enemies are cleared out. I find a corpse with some weird stuff on it including a blue robe. That must have been Mathias. Looks like he ran right through the room where we were fighting and halfway down the hallway before dying. Asshole.

Time for a meeting...

But first I get healing.

Mathias is nowhere to be found, so Romila takes command.

But what is the Urn?

Sure, I'll take over this dangerous mission because it sounds like fun.

So I need to go get 3 more items, plus the Cup already in our possession. Great. Any idea where to start?

You're going to make me READ? Ugh, this is almost enough to make me reload so Mattias is alive.

Only one book has anything useful in it. Notice how it doesn't tell me where the fuck to start looking?

The other books are about history...

...and the Jann.

I went to another location to look for scrolls to tell me where to begin when I hovered my mouse over a tapestry on the wall. It wasn't nailed down, so I take it. It probably means I need to repair it via the Jann, and seeing how there was Dye sitting on the ground below it...

The old lady gives us the thingy we need to save the world. Mighty nice of her.

So our list is really small now. I am sure I missed some stuff.

Everything is screaming "Go out of the city to get the rest of these items" so I am planning on visiting the thieves now. No telling when I'll be back if we are going to go to the mines and a mountain west of the city.

Post nonsense, get a new page please.