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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 13

I am walking along and this guy jumps in front of me.

In my haste to murder I misclick from DIE SCUM to "Walk away, bitches."

They walk away, I am unable to force an encounter by shooting them. Ugh. Shit.

I get to the inn and climb down the ladder.

This is the map. Oh good, make it difficult. Assholes.

There is one dude to talk to and nothing else, so I talk to him.

Anything I can do to help with this?

Well that was easy. What if I was an assassin?

I can't show you the map, so here:

A couple people guarding something right next to the entryway.

Some people along the west wall just sitting there.

A dude in a bed.

More people sleeping...

And a chef cooking a pig.

The closest guy to me is the bed guy who is also Shandel. Lucky us.

He tells me they find jewelry and gold trinkets to sell for provisions. Also tremors have started in the excavated area in the southwest.

I agree to help.

They let me pass.

It looks fine down there.

The screen shakes while this happens.

Multiple baddies? Oh no!

A little haste from Josie...

And Dory gets 3 kills before anyone else can move.

The guard is so impressed.

So here's where I start to screw up. Maybe not, but I am annoyed anyway.

The screen shakes, a guard whispers to Shandel.

The correct answer probably would have been "Whats in it for me?" because this sling sucks and after this is all done he doesn't even talk to me or give me anything.

I piss off the cook/healer then go to find the slot in the wall where the umber hulks broke through.

Do you see it? No? Me either. 20 minutes later I find it.

Fucking assholes hiding shit on me.

We start off next to some loot. Josie checks for traps, disarms it and then the chest refuses to open. No worries, I have a crowbar! I apply the crowbar and the crowbar disappears. God damnit.

There are chests, jewels, and skeletons aplenty to loot.

In the north there are a lot of enemies and one guy that needs rescuing.

The south has a bunch of this shit. Ugh.

The far west has a little temple with 8 of these golems in it. I'll save that for last so I can crank my healing stuff just before.

Yeah, I got it. I'm going north first.

I don't know why I bothered to summon that Earth elemental. These things go down to anyone but Josie.

Giant skeleton arises! I probably have a better screenshot elsewhere, I'll post it. Josie can kill these things with one attack so it's pretty funny.

And then a corpse appears for me to loot.

I begin collecting skulls.

If I disarm a trap the chest will not open. So I just start yanking them open with Dory. 10 damage here, 14 damage there... fucking 58 damage at the 2nd to last chest I open. God damn that hurt. There are 10 or so chests in the entire level.

Dory reads the book. To be honest I'm surprised she knows how to read. Stolen keys, activate watchers... I am expecting to need keys to stop those golems from coming to life.

It's the worlds worst ambush plus another elemental summoning from Josie. Her level 5 spells really suck. Domination does well, but the enemy is never alive long enough for them to attack their teammates. Like in the first round I dominate an umber hulk. Dory/Jameson/Antwoman kill the rest and leave the one dominated guy that is now on my side. So now what do I do? Just wait for him to do nothing? No, I just murder his ass so I can continue the game. It's annoying.

Regardless, we get to the guy.

Gee, will there be more ambushes on the way back?

There were 3. I took 6 damage to Josie.

So now I have to go south to the Freyrs. Ugh.

I find a key on a skeleton. Part of a key anyway. A circular key from the looks of it. Remind me to look for circular stuff for this to fit into.

The skeleton has a note. Josie has two different bags full of quest-related notes that I just never throw away.

She also has 2 full bags of skulls so far. That's 12 skeletons.

Antwoman got to summon an Elemental this time. We take some damage this time for sure. Going to need every bit of healing we can...

We get to the dead center of the map finally. We can go straight left to the special room or south and clear it all out for completions sake. I go south.

Shut up. You're not my mom, you can't tell me what to do.

Guess which chest this is? 58 damage chest! It had $3000 worth of gems in it. Ugh. I stop opening chests entirely since they are not worth it and I am going to need to save my HP for the golems.

Josie finds a note. Words of command, klaatu barata nikto, plus something about the keys. Who cares.

A skeleton with a key tells me something. I read it's diary.

I've got to kind of laugh at the exasperation of the priests.

All healed up so I go to the golem room.

That guy has a sword in his back.

Now you all see that circular indent in the front of the chest? It stops the golems from rising. However it doesn't give any experience. When given the option of zero experience or being able to punch things I usually pick punching.

Jose throws up a wall of ice to protect our backs.

And by now I notice that only 4 of the Golems came alive. I thought all 8 would. We take a bit of damage, but who the hell cares. A few more ambushes on the way out and we're good.

We go get healing.

He offers us Grub Pie. Jameson eats some.

Ah shit. Should not have done that.

This is all this jagoff will say to me. No one else says anything. I leave, angry.

However the sword I received has the following stats:
Something magical, probably a 1d6 chance at bleed damage maybe?
+4 to AC. This is bad. It makes Jameson from 2 to a 6AC.

Not sure if the sword is worth it, but it does great damage and I'll get to test out the magical ability here once I find some more suckers to kill.

I always give the beggar dude some cash on my way by. He could rent a room for $25 a night, so I don't know what the hell he's still doing out here.

I use the elf to sell stuff because I have a bunch of skeleton skulls and Freyr teeth that he'll buy back.

So now he wants me to get Drake hides in exchange for whatever a Deck of Illusions is. It's a deal.

We have way the fuck too much money. I found some arrows for $1200 which I bought...