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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 14

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Here is the current loadout on the fighters. Sorry about the mouse in the way.

Jameson has Bloodletter and another +2 sword. He could use a shield and knock his AC down another 2, but the shield is pretty shit. In the last game I had like 5 amazing shields, but I've never even seen another shield so far.

Note that I've dressed him in red pants, red floppy hat, and red cloak. I can't find red shoes anywhere.

Josie has a +2 axe, and a 1d4+2 dagger. I have other +2 weapons, but she does 3-6 damage with anything I equip. Single dagger? 5 damage. Dual +2 daggers? 5 and 3 damage. Two swords? 6 and 3 damage. It's pretty insane.

She also is wearing a helm of domination just in case she can't cast something, she can use that. And a necklace of Protection from Evil, a 10 foot radius spell that improves saves and AC of friendly units.

Josie doesn't wear pants, she just wears a belt around her butt.

I do have questions about her leather bracers. I don't know what to wear.

A and B which I think are the exact same item.

Or C which gives 2 extra AC. Unsure why the price of A and B are 3 or 4x the price of C. I wish I knew what that magic enchantment does on them...

Antwoman has two +2 weapons and that ninja star I talked about a long time ago.

Kug has some decent weapons, clearly the most powerful we own up to this point.

Kug is wearing a bunch of different colors, shoes, hat, cloak, but I can't find oddly colored pants so she is also just wearing a belt instead of pants.