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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 19

One of the walkthroughs says that you can find the guys in grey sometime if you luck out and randomly walk around for a bit. Luck isn't really my thing in this damn game.

Alright, we can finally begin (and end) those pesky Illithids or whatever the shit they are.

It's an ambush! Go get 'em boys!

Guessing the elf guy wants some of these. I take a few (dozen).

Looks like we're in a slave pen with one exit to the north. Gonna go talk to the only guy who isn't in red.

I'm here to stop them!

Elder brain? I'll have to destroy that thing. Just remember one thing: Scooty Puff Jr sucks.

We jump on our trusty steed follow Granger's directions.

Man, whoever wrote this is pissed.

Yeah they're not even attacking. So thats weird.

A slave rushes to do their bidding.

Have a Gif of these guys eating brain soup. They say a dozen different things like: Don't skimp on the brains, I like mine chunky!

Other areas of the level include the above. To the west is the 3 Mindflayers and slaves, to the north is the throne room which has a chest in the closet off of it.

The Mindflayers keep 4 vials of poison as well as dehydrated brains in the boxes right next to the soup...

I have 4 vials, and I begin pouring them in.

God damnit! I guess we'll see if 2 vials of poison is enough. I should have timed that better to get all 4 vials into the soup...

...because now I have to fight them all.

It didn't really hurt so no biggie.

I head to the only other area with people in it and strangely they don't want to talk or hug it out.

Those stupid fucking clowns cast some shit that either paralyzes, controls, or makes it so I can't attack. Grrr

The key opens the chest. I get a key-part and a scroll of badassness that I'm going to show you a bit later.

There is the key, the arrow looking thing down bottom in my inventory.

Isn't there a better time to discuss this?

I commit genocide and move west on Grangers orders. You know, blindly trusting a guy that I found in the slave pens of mind controlling monsters may not be the best thing to do. Ah well, hasbrownYOLO.

There is one intellect devourer and it paralyzed Dory and is now controlling Antwoman. Don't worry, Antwoman is fuckin useless.

WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? Do you see Dory laying down on the job up there? Antwoman one-shotted her for 96 fuckin damage, and with her 86HP that means she's 100% dead.

Antwoman NEVER does that damage. She does 14 with a sword and the most I've ever done with a spell is 26. What the fuck. Argh.

This right here is the point of "ugh I hate this game" so get ready for a slog.

He hasn't steered me wrong, so lets go!

You double crossing cocksucker, Granger! I'll have my revenge in this world or the next!

But wait, is that a grappling hook in the arena? And is that a little glass wall separating us from the big bad Mindflayer?

So now you're all thinking "Why the hell would you run up there with Josie when you saw 8 enemies? She's got 60HP, she'll die in 3 hits from those giants."

Well, you remember that super badass scroll I was going to show you? The fuckin spell fizzled. "Summon Greater Elemental" so instead of summoning an earth elemental with 40HP I was going to summon this super awesome strong elemental.

And the spell fizzled.

Don't worry, I have another badass scroll I've been saving for just such an emergency! "Death Spell" which guarantees death. When a death spellis cast, it snuffs out the life force of creatures in the area of effect instantly andirrevocably. Such creatures cannot be raised or resurrected.

The spell fizzles.

Okay, so this is really bad but I will be OK. I've got 4 enemies standing directly in front of Josie punching her in the face. I've can manage this.

I'll cast my third-and-last-backup scroll. Tensers Transformation. When this spell is cast, the wizard undergoes a startling transformation. His or her size and Strength increase to heroic proportions, so he or she becomes a formidable fighting machine. The wizard’s hit points are doubled, and all damage sustained comes first from the magical points gained; once these points are eliminated, all subsequent damage to the wizard is doubled.

Any fucking guesses what happens?

Yep, the spell fizzles. All I can hear in my mind is the Ultima Online "failed spell farting noise" on repeat which is slowly being taken over by a sea of rage.

At this point I almost rage quit.

Dont worry, Josie manages to summon an air elemental which will most likely die in 1 round of combat. Jesus fuck.

Jameson climbs up and swords everyone to death.

I get another key and take the huge triangle doorway visible in this screenshot.

Perfect, I'm smack dab in the middle of enemies.

There is a mindflayer to the north that immediately begins attacking a person called "Victim"

Antwoman, with 9HP, charges north and attacks the Mindflayer from behind and saving Victim.

He comes down to talk to me and then doesn't actually talk to me.

These blue globe things are basically recording machines.

You know what the worst part of this whole thing is? Jameson is unable to be hasted for some reason. Double speed, double attacks... He'd make short work of this entire level but I can't haste him for some reason. And now I'm out of 3rd level spells with Josie, so I cant even try again.

There are switches that don't do anything and/or are inoperable in the next area.

And now we're back. Lets go to the central chamber and go east now.

I start right next to this fount of knowledge. Lets listen to what these dickwads thought was so important that they recorded it.

Explosions happen sometimes. E4 reminds me of C4. So that is simple to remember.

Hey you big dummy here is something to do later. It's also mentioned 3 more times.

Also they are working on a gas, or two different gasses. One kills humans, the other kills everything.





I can go to the right and all the way around to the last picture without seeing anyone.

Okay, so green gas kills humans. Got it.

This is very much what happened. To be fair, Josie carries her own grappling hook.

I don't know what to do, there is nothing in the southern room so I go to kill things.

There are two giants facing north and west. Jameson is in front of them swinging away. Antwoman and Josie are out cold.

The enemies are mortal so El's Drinker (vampiric sword) takes their life force and gives it to Jameson. Without it I'd have been dead a long time ago.

On another note: I watched the LP of this part online and the guy is such a wuss about it. He imported all 4 characters from the other one, duplicated El's Drinker, and has over 200HP with his two tanks. His mages have 2x 7th level spells, 4x 6th level spells, 6x 5th level spells and they both know basically every single one. If you watch that LP he waltzes through the final boss fight without even blinking. His two tanks (hasted) slaughter everything without taking any damage thanks to their vampiric swords.

I am so insanely jealous right now. I'm limping along with a dead Dory (133hp), and Jameson (117hp) is dragging two unconscious fighters with him. My mages can cast one level 6 spell, and it fizzles half the fuckin time. And they only have 2 to pick from.

I learn that the black gas doesn't disperse very well.

Woah woah woah, this didn't trigger a minute ago when I was here.

Okay, so I figure I can go put E4 into the vial rack and maybe make it go boom?

Shit, I forgot they move at mach 3.

Welp, we'll just not get that experience I guess.

But the next guy to come here will be in for a surprise!

Green gas which we learned about earlier, and another key piece.

Antwoman and Josie unconscious again, Jameson walks in and murders everything.

Is this guy pissed off guy who wrote that on the wall? I like to think so. Go get 'em, Tiger.

I go back to the 3-way corridor and head north this time.

A few bullshit enemies and a door up north. Other than some of those memory globe things it's empty.

I kill them all and start listening to the globes.

So they were planning on using Tyr as a staging point, and even using the black gas to kill everyone.

Forge? That sounds neat. We need to find a certain hammer.

I should probably know who Jorvanis is, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyone?

What gas? Where? How do I get it? Also: Don't worry guys, I figured out who Jorvanis is with my detective skills.

Welp, time to save and enter! The key pieces go next to the door.

Holy shit that's a lot of enemies.

God damn that's a lot of enemies.

Reload 6 more times.

Wait, I'm a fuckin genius!

God damnit.

Suddenly I am struck by a brain thought. An idea if you will.


We murderize them and there should only be like 3 enemies in the room now, right?

Nope, still an assload of enemies. What the fuck.

The thing that slays me is those intellect devourerers. They little brains with legs. They take forever to kill and they cast spells like paralyze or control or stun which make me lose my turn. When it's 14 to 1 that one turn really fuckin helps.

Well lets try it again. I reroll 5 more times before Josie gets initiative. Fog wall should help. It does until everyone walks through and surrounds Jameson. Then they begin stunning and murderizing his face.

Keep rerolling and trying everything I can think of. Murder the main guy? Easy, but doesn't help. Swing at those glowing blue things? Nothin. Attack the brain itself? No use.

Jameson runs right out of sight of the enemies and summons a water elemental. Antwoman fizzles her attempt at summoning a Dust Devil.

Note that Antwoman is alive. I'm horribly cheating because I don't know what else to do. I take the best 2 weapons we own: Els Drinker, and Dory's +4 dragonsbane sword. I swap the weapons between the two fighters depending on who is attacking. The only thing that keeps me alive is swinging Els Drinker at the intellect devourerers because I can steal HP from them but not the flayers.

It doesn't help, they kill the elemental anyway.

Jameson has another scroll and dodges behind his watery companion!


The brain explodes out of the test tube and then disappears.

Jameson gets a rod of Magic Missile and the exact same Bracers that Josie currently wears. Absolutely useless.

That rest spot screams my name though. I rest, use Antwoman to Raise Dead Dory, then rest again.

The door at the far end of the room is open and leads to the Forge. Lets go get that hammer!