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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 20

We enter the forge to get the hammer.

Looks straightforward.

Three level 25 drakes spin up. One of them casts something to make my guys all begin suffocating.

They take Antwoman down in one attack. 25, 25, 25.

The drakes are taken care of but we're suffocating and no spell I have will fix it. Great.

Might as well just run through and pray for a rest spot to get rid of the suffocation flag.

Two golems, easily destroyed.


Here's some amazing armor. I split it between Dory and Jameson, putting them both at -1AC even with Jamesons sword that fucks the AC value.

Do you all remember when they said something about El's Drinker being the worst thing in the entire world and the only way to end it was to throw the sword in lava?

Oh thank god the sword can't be destroyed. I really really really would have been fucked without that sword.

No worries, I've got a magic whistle!

Oh good another quest item to just sit in my inventory because I'm a hoarder.

Lets try out that hammer we just got.

And then we walk all the way out of Underdark.

Go ahead and brain scan me. Don't care.

Yeah we're pretty awesome.

What's Winchester doing?

You uh... you just said it. The screen shakes, hilarity ensues.

I think you killed him.

No, he's probably not alive. Fuck it. The whistle still doesn't work. I'm done with this conversation.

Up we go again.

One random miner gives us a 5000 coin diamond. Yay.

That random team from Urik gets all of the glory. They'll be sung about for generations and no one will know it was us. All we get is 30k.

Lets go, so sick of this entire area.

Ugh, this again.

Lets go rest, then we'll recast all the damn buffs I've been using.

We have 1.75M coins. Also a lot of mushrooms because I may or may not have threatened that old lady. (Kidding, she just gave them to me.)

There is absolutely nothing left to do other than the Volcano and then go get the tapestry back from that Jann weaver lady.

This is the druid's son from the Jungle.

Here we go! C'mon Fire Ruby!

This map is not even close. it must be the entire level or something. We're dumped into a small area.

Couple Drakes to the east

A pokemon and some fire elementals just south of us.

Draxans in a one-person-at-a-time-entryway hideout.

Some more pokemon.

And a dead dude.

Heads up, Drakes can cast some fucking fire thing that hits for 30+ points every single round. Wonderful. We survive, hurting, and then head south because there is only one crew of Draxans left to deal with.

This is annoying. They hit for 12-16 damage 3 times each. Sure, they miss sometimes, but usually they're good for 20ish each. Josie dies before she even gets to move most times.

We make it out... barely.

It's a purple scroll that doesn't do anything yet.

He's adorable. I want to hug him and pet him and name him George.

Huh, they have a magic tapestry too. He talks a lot, then scampers off.

It's not an ambush if I know it's there.

Dory and Jameson block the exit, the other two have exhausted nearly all of their spells buffing the tanks.

I didn't get many screenshots, but these dudes down bottom are farmers. Thats all, nothing more to interact with.

So lets head to the east where there is a walkway of sorts.

I try to convince them I'm not Draxan.

Oh just wonderful.

We survive the fight and pray there's a spot to rest inside.

Already did that

It's kind of neat that they did this.

And we are invited inside.

You thought all that text was bad? Prepare yourselves...

Thanks guard dude.

They take care of the plight of farmers by adding another rotation into the crop gathering.

And then this loudmouth jumps in center stage.

The arguing begins.

tl;dr sure hope it wasn't important

A visiting merchant tells me to head to the storyteller in the north. Will do. He also tells me the only other human in the temple is an asshole and I should ignore his jabs.

We are interrupted by an eavesdropping asshole pokemon.

A Poke-priest. Great. I'm sure I won't have to end some kind of evil that has infested their ranks.

I spout off about the secret group I'm part of because why not. We're thousands of miles from Tyr, nothing bad can happen.

Oh. Oops?

North is probably the storyteller.

Southwest is a guy hiding under a table in what I assume is the dining room.

Oh thank god, far south has a way to rest up. First stop right here folks.

The priests likely in this room. That "seal" thing is the huge thing on the right. It's probably a dragon or the Lord Warrior telling these jagoffs what to do.

Far north has a bunch of graves to rob.

And then the magic tapestry that can get me home. Time to rest up and then talk to random people until I am told what to do.