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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 22

Psionic Blast is the spell everyone has been talking about. Gonna crank the hell out of that one this update. It doesn't do shit. Never succeeds once, not even on the weakest Draxan.

Screenshots of the area were done at the end of last update and basically the only way to go is south and then east across a wide open area. This whole thing is kind of a spiral. Start top left, go down and right, then up and around and then around and around again to get into the middle. Lets go.

Draxans ambush us, we make short work of them and have to reload twice because they all get initiative first despite my guys all being hasted. They kill Antwoman and Josie outright.

A gigantic magma rock falls from the ceiling. Someone save the children! Oh. It's just me down here.

There are a dozen grappling hooks littered across this level and the last one so I have plenty to spare. But I can't actually do it... what the hell.

This takes me way too long to figure out and since it's timed and I'm still on my super-fast virtual machine... a few children burn to death.

And then I get 10,000XP.

Come with me if you want to live.

Alright, now I'll continue east and I'm sure there won't be any more surprises.

Grrrr, 2 more battles with me reloading after they kill Josie and Dory. If 4 guys get initiative and they all hit Dory for 12-15 damage per swing, and they all get 4 swings with an average of one miss... You do the math.

I find the asshole and want to murder his face but I decide to talk first.

Thankfully he dies on his own so I don't have to shank him.

Just west of the dead asshole is a bridge that I need to cross.

They blow up the bridge and combat starts even though I'm a mile away.

Dory charges forth into a hail of arrows and gets to the middle of the bridge.

We make it out of the battle. Barely.

I enter the maze, get 1/10th of the way through and it times out.

This is my last screenshot on my Win98 box, so now they may look slightly different.

I move over to Dosbox and it's just so incredibly choppy and slow and laggy and ugh this was brutal.

So you step on these blocks and they sometimes change a different block to a different location. And then if you step too far onto it you will change it right back.

It's like a stop sign. If you walk through one side it triggers a movement thingy. If you manage to stop in the middle, it won't trigger a second time if you turn around and walk back. However, step too far toward another edge of the sign and it triggers again which is a pain in the dick. If you don't click on each individual block you are able to walk clear around the outside of the octogon which doesn't trigger the blocks to move.

All in all it's a frustrating experience that I hope I never have to repeat.

Is that in-line to anyone else? I didn't know SA could handle GIFV's now.

GIF of the annoying stuff. When Jameson walks up+right he walks across the outside of the block which doesn't trigger the block moving on the 2nd block in. Then he walks back across the middle of that block which triggers the movement.

I am so close I can taste it.

Oh god I hate mazes

What the shit I hate this game

How did I get all the way back here? Hint: The thing didn't trigger because I walked crossways and not direct through the middle.

Explosion number 1. I get 4 and then it's game over.


No, no I can't. I walk across something which triggers one of the blocks to disappear. I go back, stand in center of it, then race to the exit.

If only you knew how laggy and shitty this is to do.

My dudes are all near death, Josie summons an earth elemental and is immediately killed outright.

I absolutely will not play that maze again, nor will I do this combat again with how choppy it is. Simply not happening. I don't care if 3/4 of my characters area dead, I am not replaying this to save their lives.

We are close to the center of the spiral!


The Draxans down south kill one of the golem with the first round of combat. The other golem is down to 1/4 life after the second Draxan misses one swing.

Jameson earns his pay.

Jameson gives chase to the Templar that ran away.

The Templar is cornered!

Well shit.

I do something dumb that turns out to be smart. I summon a water elemental and step away from the other two with Jamesons first round of combat.

The Templar casts some shit that makes my guys not able to move. Well, Jameson still can!

Glad they are attacking that thing because my characters cant move.

Yeah yeah yeah, you'll get yours.

Did anyone else forget that Jameson is a cleric? I sure did.

Got all of them but one. Well done!

There is one more skeleton warrior swinging uselessly at the elemental. My characters still cannot move. Jameson goes for the Ruby.

He doesn't look distracted.

We finally manage to kill the last skeleton warrior.

Run away, run away!

Thankfully I don't need to do the maze again. There is a way out. I should have just come in that way, it would have saved a lot of time.

Ruby in hand, Jameson runs away.

That was a big boom. Jameson quickly grabs the Ruby and holds it over the seal.

Damn I'm good.

Stop talking, I want to get back to my virtual machine. This sucks so bad.

I expected something like that...

The Ruby caused all the problems, not the volcano.

So it's like ET's magic finger? Didn't that require all the kids to believe? Or was that the White Sox coming out of that cornfield?

Lorvus was not hoarding according to Foli or whatever the storytellers name is.

At this point I suspect they are the same person and ask her how old she is.

She does little to allay my suspicions.

And that's all the interesting shit. Stop talking so I can save.

Even Josie gets this experience in her dead state.

This guy leaves, he better be making my damn scroll. I also need to go get my potions from the hippy and see if the weaponsguy can use the drake claws I picked up in the GIF.

Rhone is going to make the thief work off his debt.

The lying scumbag is going to be in charge eventually.

The only clue to Fori's age.

Now I save everything and put my saves back on the VM so I can walk around and move the mouse without jumping and bouncing everywhere.

I'll finish up this level in a bit.