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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 23

I am going to save a lot lot lot of screenshots and tell you the Pokemon had basically nothing new to say. Some of them were still stuck on the first quest speech stuff, and this image is of the dead guy saying he's coming when I try to get into his private quarters.

I took a 14 day nap so that Meteor Shower and my potions would get finished though. Now that Josie is dead the scroll is pretty useless.

I also got this glove. Antwoman is using it, 1d6+6 so it's better than the sword of 1d8+2.

Bye Josie

And welcome Josie 2.0.

Josie 2.0 leads the way into random encounters in town.

The caravan master is here, stuck, for whatever reason.

Huh. Well anyway lets go get that tapestry.

This woman finds me immediately. Everyone else in the Jann village is completely normal. No worries for any of them.

But yeah, this is fucked up.

He's stuck in a loop.

You are in luck. I don't throw anything away so I have both of those items.

She begins working (and finishes) the tapestry immediately.

I accidentally see this guy. He's not on the map, he's just there and I luckily scrolled past him when I was taking a phone call.

I want to buy that tapestry for some fuckshow reason.

He won't give it to me so I take it.

He also says "I'll never tell you where she is, hahahahaha!" but killing him gains me nothing. No note, no clue, nothing. Ah well.

We have 2 million coins, so I do everything I can to get Josie experience. I probably should have just rolled a fighter, but haste is invaluable.

Also now I have 2 tapestries; those greenish blue blankets.