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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 25

The glass blower didn't care. No one I talked to had anything new to say, most were stuck in ruts from long long ago.

For instance this girl. She thinks Matthias is alive, and there are no new rumors in town. Except for the whole "Lord Dragon burning down the countryside" thing she's probably right.

He gives me a psionic jewel that does... something unknown. Great. It doesn't replenish PSI points like I thought, so I just sorta fucked myself later in the post. The best part is that I can try to cast the spell nonstop and it won't let me target anything at all.

Welp, lets get this over with.

Boom, door open. Boss battle music on everyone? I have mine ready

This guy yells at me and runs away at roughly the speed of light.

He threatened me so I threaten him back... from about halfway down the hallway away.

Nhimandi is alive maybe!

Korvar is chained up somewhere too.

He tells me all about the temple and how it was for a super-king, then the stupid commoners dug in and started laying their own dead in here which is bullshit because commoners don't get to mix with royalty! Seriously, I have like 5 screenshots of him bitching.

He eventually tells me about a Templar leader in the lower levels.

Cool, that's like 6 steps away from me.

You better not, punk.

Oops, wrong niche.

Found it. Oh, wait, I haven't done anything on this level, not even screenshots.

I am currently standing bottom left. Just north of me is the tied up prisoner guy, Korvar.

The way to Lord Warrior is blocked by a lot of guards.

This guy is haughty. I've never met someone I'd call haughty, but this dude is.

Who are you, anyway? Make sure I got the right Korvar...

Haughty asshole.

He says the Freyrs are afraid of him.

He listened while being interrogated. Maybe I can use this guy. Kalak would want him to.

But I tell him I'm in charge.

I give him a bunch of equipment from Dorys chests. She has a chest full of everything, never know when she'll need it...

I am given a page of treachery and told exactly how to handle this level. The Lord Warrior needs to stop writing down his double-dealing schemes.

I go downtown.

The level isn't that big. There are 4 guys top right and top left. One guy standing next to a key in the dead center. He's our man.

You are being betrayed!

Yay I don't have to fight any templars anymore! I take the key to the main door, but I still need that lightning rod for the big door.

The niche right behind him leads down to a storage room and I snag the lightning rod.

Alright, back up we go.

Stop talking...

We murder our way through an ambush and then on the way to the door I'm told not to go that way. I decide to listen and go around. No traps hit me when I go around, but 2 Freyrs are killed. Well worth it.

We bust into the room.

An elemental draws attention, web from Josie stops others from moving. The dead guy on the right is Korvor. Hope he wasn't important. At least now he gets to be buried with his king.

We heal up, cast our buffs, eat some mushrooms (to heal obviously, not to trip balls), and we're ready to assault what I think is the final level.

See you all monday.