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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 26

I forgot to go get Nhamdi or whatever his name is. I think the Templar mentioned he was somewhere in the East when I was rereading the thread to see what I missed.

To do this I just ran around until I found out where he was, then reloaded the save and beelined to it. The reason was that I can fall down a dozen pits and get attacked by 5 freyrs, 10 skeletons, or snakes or something. Then when I climb out of the pit there are 3 more freyrs and a bunch of Draxans to kill. Every single time I come out of the pit the random encounter resets. So I cheated because I need my guys at full health to do the final battle I assume.

I'm gonna kill the snakes.... 25HP each is one swing for Dory and Jameson.

Yeah I know I shouldn't let it happen, but I'm down here hanging out with you instead.

Right, lets go!

Oh, and then I need to keep this dude alive when the random encounter triggers. Maybe I don't, but I have to replay it twice because he goes to exit the area and gets almost there when a freyr catches him.

Okay, that's done, so I heal, buff, and step into the portal.

The Lord Warrior says nothing can stop him and then runs through the portal stone in the middle.

What is that? A dozen skeletons?

On the right we've got Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

On the left is a little reading material.

And then the skeletons.

Jameson casts Turn Undead because why the hell not. Only one skeleton dies to it. The other 11 made their saving throws. Insane. So instead of having Hasted Jameson kill 3 skeletons via punching, he wastes a turn casting a useless spell. Fantastic start to this.

Then I realize that I'm so buffed and everyones AC is at -8 or -10 these things can't hit me. One hits Antwoman for 9 damage but big whoop.

Even Josie gets in on the face-punching. We move to the west and read the book.

Everyone in this entire game is double crossing everyone else. Templars double crossed by Draxans way back in the city update. Then double crossed again last update. Now the Lord Warrior is going to betray the Dragon and whatnot.

The scroll. No wonder I couldn't find any useful info on the Urn; he took it all!

10,000 experience for opening the thingy.

It looks just like a plain wooden staff.

Well then I think I should touch the staff to the 4 elements...

We get a glowing blue rune for each one which is on the floor because Dory's inventory is full. Also 5,000xp for each time we get one.

I think I know where the runes go.

50,000 experience for the first one I put on.

Nothing left to do...

So I walk through.

And I am immediately attacked by some tree creature thing. I'll kill it, but first lets look around. I am way bottom left at the end of the road.

Just north of me through the woods are 4 skeletons which are nothing to worry about.

The element of Earth symbol is at the bottom of the cross thing.

Fire to the east.

Wind up top.

And water to the west.

And in the middle is the big jerkface himself.

So I'm thinking I need to kill all 4 elemental things, maybe put the 4 artifacts on the runes or something, then go inside and kill the Lord Warrior.