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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 27

I kill the little enemy that was at the starting point easily.

And then this woman comes running to me.

She's at half life roughly.

Won't live long? I've got some heals that I can give you!

Well shit.

Her backstory.

The protectors are not very good at protecting.

I had a choice of having her help me or just healing me which kills her. I need the heal more than the backup to be honest, so I picked that. I don't need healing for the hit points, but the PSI points and spell refreshes will be very helpful. Josie was down to her last Haste spell.

Before she suicides I ask her what needs to happen.

Well crap. I'm all buffed up and going to lose them...

And then she heals me and falls to the ground, dead.

I loot her.

A few skeletons enter the area, we murder them. They do not have the staff, so we go looking for skeletons who do.

Found it! Since I am about 10 steps from the west gate where the water elementals are, I go there.

They are level 14, really not impressive at all.

I take the scepter and touch it to the top of the block. The doorway opens.

Well shit, no need to kill all the other elementals, I'll just waltz right in.

That thing is fucking huge.

Oh crap it saw me.

A few Air Elementals join the skeletons from the north.

Josie hastes the crew. Jameson hits the huge monster 6 times for that much damage. It's not actually that scary, the thing hit Antwoman for a total of 12 damage.

Dory punches it down to here. And then the next round Dory gets initiative...

That's what happens when the Tarrasque is killed. It spins in a circle, then flies into the screen which goes red for a moment. That was peanuts.

Jameson and Dory attack the Lord Warrior. Any damage you do to him, he does back to you. Mirror damage really sucks. Dory dies, but her last blow killed the Lord Warrior.

Whats this? Josie picked up a reincarnation spell... Dory, you're comin back!

Dory is back! Dory is also now a male Mul rather than a female half-giant.

And the best part? She's at full health.

Jameson and Dory move north to get these enemies away from Josie. You can barely see Josies red hair in the center of them.

Josie runs away and summons an elemental while Jameson and Dory swing and swing and swing at these skeletons.

See? They are only level 9 or something, but they have like 200hp each. It takes a full attack from Dory and most from Jameson to kill a single one.

Dory stands triumphant. Also she stands with a penis now, but that can be explored later.

We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers 'cause we are the champions... of the woooooooorld.

Also that chick looks good for a dead girl.

I look at the statues and can tell where they go. Smith gets the hammer.

I get experience.

Forget what this one was called. She gets the cup. I get more experience.

Bottom left (musician) is holding the harp, and I am about to place the Fire Ruby on the top-left statue.

Holy balls. 700,000xp.

Fade to black.

The gif has white because I had to extend the gif halfway through to capture the extra stuff that wasn't there before. Deal with it.

And that will do it. There is absolutely no way I would have beaten that game as a child. I had to use a walkthrough twice to get through it in my 30's.