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Part 10

The carnival is still closed, so let's go back to the crime scene.

Talking to everyone unlocks this conversation. Okay, I lied about being done with talking to everyone. (Actually, I had forgotten.) Look at the bushes...

A giant boy scout! Run, Mike! Actually, gasp and run. It's funnier.

Aw, Mike, don't talk to him! He's crazy! well, then again, so are you.

Mike: My name is Mike Dawson, but I didn't murder Rita!
Slim: I know. A voice told me that you were innocent. You don't think it's strange, do you? Hearing voices in your head?
Mike: No, I don't think that's strange at all. I've been hearing voices myself.
Slim: I knew that people had you all wrong, Mr. Dawson. You and me, we belong to a much larger world, one that most people couldn't begin to fathom.
Mike: You're right. No one believes some of the things I've seen and heard.

Well, this is fucking great. Mike's most trusted people are Jack, the "cool guy" and a lunatic. This trio should crack the case in no time!

Mike, who cares? The guy's crazy! Don't listen to him!

Mike: I know exactly what you mean! I've felt the same way for over a year!
Slim: Feeling isn't enough, Mr. Dawson. You've got to act! It's my duty to put a stop to their plans. Stop them before they take over this entire world.
Mike: What sort of powers does your uniform give you?
Slim: This uniform renders me invulnerable. When I wear it, nothing can harm me. Well, nothing except for a little poison ivy every now and then.
Mike: Where did you get this uniform of protection?
Slim: A woman delivered it to me, a very wise and noble woman.
Mike: You're referring to the Keeper of the Scrolls, aren't you?
Slim: No, no, no! Eleanor, my mail carrier, delivered it to me. She's some cutie, let me tell you! The uniform came out of a catalog.
Mike: Why are you hiding in the bushes?
Slim: I'm checking out the murder site. The criminal always leaves a clue at the scene of the crime.
Mike: I don't know what you hope to find here. The Sheriff must have gone over this place with a fine tooth comb.
Slim: The Sheriff? Don't make me laugh! That buffoon couldn't solve a jigsaw puzzle! He has no concept of the significance of this crime!
Mike: Did you know Rita?
Slim: I knew Miss Scanlon was the town librarian. At least that's what she claimed. But I have my suspicions about her.
Mike: What was suspicious about Rita?
Slim: She was involved with something. Something unclean. I haven't figured out what it is yet, but when I do, it will expose the evil lurking in this town!

Oh Lord.

Wait, am I LPing Darkseed 2 or Sanitarium?

Yeah, and nothing says "momento of someone you cared about" like a fucking ticket stub. Well, more inventory is always nice in adventure game.

Good lord, this conversation doesn't end.

Slim: Take it, Mr. Dawson. It's not much of a clue, and, besides, I've got theories about a hired hit man and a Satanic cult to follow up on. Don't worry - I'll find Rita's murderer and prove your innocence!
Mike: Gee, thanks, Slim. That makes me feel a lot better.
Slim: Glad to have your vote of confidence, Mr. Dawson. Well, I've got some investigating to do. Oh, by the way, I live out behind the Pool Hall if you need to get in touch with me.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

So do I, Mike. So do I.

Coming next update:

More conversation!

And a preview of the Dark World.

And more video hilarity.