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Part 15

Opendork posted:

PS: Minnie and Daisy are also Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck's girlfriends' names.

Nice catch - I missed that.

Let's go back to our house and meet Jack!

Sit on the bench and suddenly - what timing! - you hear a motorcycle and Jack appears.

Mike: Thanks for meeting me, Jack. So, what's your plan?
Jack: We've gotta defuse Sheriff Butler's suspicions. You're innocent, right? We gotta prove it.
Mike: But I don't remember anything that happened after Rita and I had our fight.
Jack: You had a fight with Rita? Is that what Dr. Sims helped you remember? I told you not to trust him! Now we gotta prove someone else killed her.
Mike: You're forgetting something, Jack! I'm not a detective.
Jack: So? Neither is Sheriff Butler! Listen, you need to collect some new evidence. I can't do it because, hey, look at me. I stick out like a sore thumb. But you can blend in and do some serious digging.

Blend in? He's the prime suspect!

Mike: Rita did say she was going to meet a friend after the reunion. But who?
Jack: Well, it so happened that I overheard the Deputy. He did mention some other possible suspects. I, for one, agree with him on the selection.
Mike: Who were the other suspects?
[Missed the screencap, but it's the mayor and Doc Larson.]
Mike: Mayor Fleming?
Jack: That's right. Mayor Irving Fleming. I once saw Rita sitting in his car in front of the courthouse, and they were looking pretty cozy. The election's coming up, and I'm sure he's busy sweeping all the skeletons out of his closet.
Mike: Doc Larson? The medical examiner?
Jack: Have you ever noticed how many female visitors they have at the morgue? [OP's note: Who the fuck would ever notice that? This guy's like Quagmire!] Rumor has it that he's had his fingers where they shouldn't be. He used to have Rita personally deliver medical textbooks from the library, you know.
Mike: Do you know if Rita dated anyone else?
Jack: Besides you? Well, she used to see Sheriff Butler, but that ended a long time ago. Anyway, you have two good leads to get you started. As for me, I'm outta here.
Mike: The Sheriff used to date Rita? I didn't know that. Now I really don't trust him.
Jack: I think you're barkin' up the wrong tree with that one, but what the hell! Maybe it'll take some of the heat off you if you harass the Sheriff. Anyway, I gotta go.
Mike: Wait, Jack! I can't do this by myself!
Jack: You're capable of doing more things than you think, Mike boy. I'm not abandoning you - I'll be cruising the neighborhood. If you turn up anything, come back here and flag me down.

Jack leaves. I like the idea of harassing the Sheriff, though.

Sheriff: Hardly at all. I don't patronize the library much. I get my reading material down at the newsstand.
Mike: C'mon, Sheriff! I know all about you and Rita.
Sheriff: Shut your mouth, Dawson! You're pissing me off!
Mike: I heard you used to date Rita.
Sheriff: So what if I did? Rita was interested in lots of men. Jealous, Dawson? Is that what made you snap and kill her?

Oh, snap! Whose pair did you borrow, Mike?

Sheriff: Why, you little turd! I'll have you know that I was the one who dumped her! She was too bookish - always running off to spend time with that reading group of hers.
Mike: Just what was this reading group that Rita belonged to?
Sheriff: I don't know. Some of Rita's friends - people from the library, I guess. She was always trying to get me to go with her, but I couldn't see myself sitting around with a bunch of eggheads discussing poetry. That's why I dumped her.
Mike: Anybody could have murdered Rita, Sheriff.
Sheriff: There were no signs of a struggle, so she must have known the killer. And you were the last person to see her alive.
Mike: But even if she knew the killer, it could still be anybody in town.
Sheriff: But it keeps addin' up to you, boy. Don't you worry. We'll get you eventually.

Okay, that was fun. Let's go hit the morgue!

Mike asks a good question, though I have a better one - why are people making out in a morgue? And what's with the creepy TV in the upper right corner?

Knock on the window to interrupt them.

Mike: You're the coroner! Why would you be seeing patients?
Doc Larson: I have to keep a practice on the side. You don't think this town pays me a lot of money, do you? Why, if I could just get a break, I'd move out of this one-horse town!
Mike: What kind of break?
Doc Larson: Why, a real scientific breakthrough. I'm presenting a paper on the subject very soon. You don't think I take this Medical Examiner job seriously, do you? It's hardly a proper position for a man like me.
Mike: What kind of scientific breakthrough?
Doc Larson: New methods of inserting DNA into the ovum, Dawson! [OP Note: Subtle!] It will open up all sorts of exciting possibilities in genetic research! It should also be my ticket out of this backwater town.
Mike: I'm afraid science has never been one of my favorite subjects.
Doc Larson: That's typical of the Crowley, Texas mentality. The sooner I get out of this place, the better.
Mike: You're not happy here?
Doc Larson: This town offers no challenge for a man of my capabilities... Mark my words - you won't see me around here much longer. If all goes well, I'll have a position at a major university or a research facility by next September.
Mike: What can you tell me about Rita's death?
Doc Larson: I'm sorry. I can't discuss the case with anyone while it's under investigation.
Mike: What were you hiding by rushing Rita's body away before the police could examine the crime scene?
Doc Larson: That does it, Dawson! Get the hell out of my office!

That didn't go well. Let's exit and re-enter. When you come back in, he's making out again. Let's restart the conversation.

Mike: I thought I heard someone making out back there.
Doc Larson: That does it, Dawson! Get the hell out of my office!

Grrr. One more time.

Mike: Sorry to bother you, Doc Larson. Do you have time to talk?
Doc Larson: Why are you bothering me again? I am a very busy man.
Mike: I heard that Rita's murder was particularly gruesome.
Doc Larson: Why, yes, it was fascinating the way the killer... Damn it, Dawson! I told you I can't reveal any facts about the case.
Mike: I'm investigating Rita's murder myself. I'd like to look at the autopsy report.
Doc Larson: Look, I told you I can't discuss the case. All the autopsy files are locked up in my office, and that's where they'll stay!
Mike: How well did you know Rita?
Doc Larson: Hardly at all. She worked at the library. That's all I know about her.

Coming up next... the Morgue.

And a certain mirror...