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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 16

The Morgue.

Let's examine the body on the table.

A key! I want to take it, but...

But Mike doesn't! Ugh.

Let's look at the freezers on the right.

Larson was right - this is fairly gruesome. Mike closes the fridge automatically, which leads us to one question. Where's the head?

Let's check the cabinet on the left.

Yikes. Who could have done this to Rita?

Well, we're not done with the cabinet yet.

Okay, welcome to Darkseed 2's first bug!

The idea is this: Minnie meant to send the key to you. She accidentally sent it to Mark Danson. The key, is thereby, meant for you. Mike doesn't know this.

He's supposed to figure out Pandora's riddle from the cane clue at this point according to all the walkthroughs, but for God knows what reason, I had to reread the autopsy report twice before Mike "gets it".

I already knew that, asshole!

Now, somehow, this lets you...

Take the key!

We are now ready to enter the Dark World.

To the Hall of Mirrors in the Carnival!