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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 17

The Hall of Mirrors.

Earlier in this thread, I showed you a savegame titled "Mirrors are annoying." And a lot of people posting in this thread and the Darkseed 1 thread mentioned they gave up on this game at this point.

Before we go to the final challenge before the Dark World, I have 2 questions for you, thread-reader.



1. Do you like mazes?
2. Do you like pixel hunting?

If you said yes to both, congratulations! Darkseed 2 has just the puzzle for you!

Welcome to the mirror maze. Examine it closely. You have to kind of squint at it to figure out how to move diagonally. If you look to the lower left, you can see a hex surrounded by Giger-ish resin. That's the objective.

Look directly right of the objective and you'll see...

A locked door. That's why we need the key. For reference's sake...

That's a hinge, which means a one-way door. Sigh. Let's get ready to navigate this fucker. God I hate this part.

It's sloppy, but eat me - I used a laptop touchpad. This is the path to get to the locked door. Use the key.

And here's the completed map.

This probably looks easy to you reading the thread. I promise it's so hard to see what's a passageway and what's not. Then you get trapped with the one-way door and...

Oh Lord...

An ornate mirror room.

This mirror cannot be manipulated.

This mirror cannot be examined.


It can only be entered.