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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 18

The Dark World

Michael enters the Dark World. A strange, but beautiful creature hovers in. She sits down and clutches her legs, pitifully.

Mike: Then it is true! The Ancients have returned!
Keeper of the Light: I wish it were not so. All of the Dark World belongs to them now, and they plan to conquer the Normal World, too! You are our last hope of stopping them.
Mike: Just what is the Light?
Keeper of the Light: The Light is the Truth - one of three Points of the Triangle, as are the Scrolls and the Sword. But the Ancients now possess it and perhaps the other two Points as well.
Mike: What are the Scrolls?
Keeper of the Light: The Scrolls contain the wisdom of the Dark World. They have been missing since the Keeper of the Scrolls was captured and imprisoned.
Mike: What is the Sword?
Keeper of the Light: The Sword of Justice is the third point of the Triangle. It has the power to sever that which never should have been joined.
Mike: Wnat is this generator you're talking about?

Mike: What happened to you?
Keeper of the Light: The Drekketh Guard disemboweled me, then threw me into the Maze to die. You must hurry or billions will die on both sides of the Portal!
Mike: Is there anything I can do for you?
Keeper of the Light: No. I am dying. Now, quickly, you must rescue the Light and gather the Points. You are our only hope...

Michael decides to leave this room and return to the maze.

Fortunately, the maze is an exact reflection of the Dark World. Michael has little trouble navigating it outside.