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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 19

Michael has found himself in the place where he has had nightmares. This is the Dark World, and nothing is as it seems. Somewhat afraid of the maw, Michael takes the lower left catwalk...

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Mike: What is through that passageway?
Right Biomechanoid: It could be the prison compound.
Left Biomechanoid: Then again, it could not.
Mike: Who is being held prisoner?
Right Biomechanoid: It could be the Keeper of the Scrolls.
Left Biomechanoid: Then again, the prison could be empty.
Mike: Let me inside the prison!
Right Biomechanoid: Only authorized Dark World personnel are allowed to enter!
Left Biomechanoid: Leave the premises immediately!
Mike: All right, I'm leaving.
Right Biomechanoid: Then go. Before we blast you into pieces.
Left Biomechanoid: Ugly organic.

Michael steps away from the biomechanoids, unsure of what to do. He attempts a different tactic.

Mike: I'm a Dark World prison official. Let me in!
Left Biomechanoid: Oh, a Dark Worlder, are you?
Right Biomechanoid: I bet you don't even know if it's day or night!
Mike: It's always dark here.
Left Biomechanoid: But we have day and night just like anywhere else.
Right Biomechanoid: Any Dark Worlder can tell the difference.
Mike: I am a Dark Worlder! Give me a chance to prove it!
Left Biomechanoid: We will let you pass if you prove to us that you are really a Dark Worlder.

Left Biomechanoid: You can ask questions, if you like.
Right Biomechanoid: We like to be fair.
Mike: Is it daytime?
Right Biomechanoid: Of course it's daytime.
Left Biomechanoid: No, it is most definitely night.
Mike: Which one of you is Ik?
Right Biomechanoid: During the night, I claim to be Ik. I am really Uk.
Left Biomechanoid: He's lying! I am Uk. I am Uk and it is night,
Mike: Which one of you is telling the truth?
Right Biomechanoid: I am. I am Uk and it is night.
Left Biomechanoid: He is not! I am Uk, and it's daytime, and that's that!
Mike: I need to think about this some more.
Right Biomechanoid: Then leave! Don't come back until you can prove you're a Dark Worlder.
Left Biomechanoid: Only organic.

Michael goes back and approaches the maw.

Michael sees a rectangualr pillar which steams and rotates with skulls on three of its sides.

The fourth side reveals this.