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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 2

Okay, let's meet Mom!

Now that's a handsome woman.

Mike: I don't feel like talking about the Sheriff, Mom.
Mom: Fine. You never feel like talking.
Mike: I think I'll eat over at Hank's for breakfast.
Mom: You should know better than to eat the greasy food at that diner. I thought that you were going to start eating healthier. You're not in high school anymore, you know.
Mike: You know, you woke me with all those pots banging.
Mom: Sorry, Mike, but it's time you got up. The sun has been shining for hours.

Mom's got a point - did you see what Mike's room looks like?!

"I got forehead-vagina raped, Mom. There's no counseling for that shit!"

Mike: Go easy on me! What I went through last year was far worse than anything you could imagine!
Mom: I've lost a husband and a sister to cancer, your father left me no insurance money, and I have arthritis. You don't see me checking into a mental hospital with a nervous breakdown!
Mike: It wasn't a nervous breakdown! It was... you wouldn't understand.
Mom: I understand that you're always moping around and acting like a bum! Come on, Mike! Why don't you finish that novel you were writing?
Mike: You're ashamed of me, aren't you?
Mom: No, son, I'm not ashamed of you. I just wish I knew what was bothering you. You were always full of energy and life. Since that nervous breakdown, all you do is stare at the walls!
Mike: I'm having a hard time getting motivated.
Mom: You know, Mike, you're late for your doctor appointment. You're never going to snap out of your depression unless you see the doctor. And after that I'd like you to do some errands for me.

Like clear my fucking name, maybe? Mike's Mom seems a bit unconcerned with her son under suspicion of murder.

Mike: I'm starting to get a headache.
Mom: Well, that's what your medicine is for. You know where to find it.
Mike: By the way, Mom. Thanks for taking care of me this past year.
Mom: I love you, Mike. I just want you to get well again.

With that, Mom goes back to making nondescript food.

Head right to go to the living room.

Let's turn on the TV for another movie!


On giving hot lunches to the school children. In other parts of the country, law enforcement officials are still bewildered about the murder of local librarian Rita Scanlon last week afte the high school reunion. When asked about potential suspects, Sheriff Willard Butler replied-

Michael! You and your kind are in grave danger once again! The Ancients have returned! I am sending something to assist you! You must act quickly!

-warned that this is the second local death this year and residents should always be alert. On the national news...

Mike has no reaction to that little message, and what's that? A doorbell ringing?

Oh Christ, not you again! What now? A baby doll that turns into a tube monster? A shard of portal to the dark realm? A prepaid axe...

Oh. That's kind of anti-climactic.

Trying the TV again reveals... static. Oh well.

Open the cabinet for our first item of the game! A camera! Hooray!