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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 20

Michael looks upward at the pillar.

The alien spaceship has returned. The Ancients have definitely returned and sending their ship back may not be enough this time. Michael looks downward.

Michael heads left.

Michael decides to leave the maw and head to the upper right catwalk he previously neglected.

Michael views the fledgling Behemoth and attempts to open the incubator.

This attempt ending in failure, Michael goes back to the Dark World version of the Carnival Shooting Gallery. This time, he heads further in.

Michael examines the machine further.

Michael thinks back to the carnival. First the shooting gallery, then the wheel of fortune... When he showed Pandora the refridgerator magnet, she had said "I see a wheel with six spokes." Michael attaches the refridgerator magnet to the machine.

Michael heads left again.

Finding nothing else to do, Michael exits the Dark World carnival.