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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 21

Michael exits the Dark World carnival and the gate closes behind him. He will need the Dark World equivalent of a ticket if he wants to ever return home. He heads left.

The Dark World version of Mrs. Ramirez's house. Finding nothing of interest, Michael returns to the gate.

Michael will need to acquire a data card somehow. He decides to head right.

This is where Rita died during Michael's hypnosis section. It also corresponds to the Dark World version of the crime scene. Mike briefly wonders what the Behemoth could correspond to.

Michael has a strange premonition that he may be returning here at some point. He goes back to the gate and heads downwards.

Michael notes that there is a new location on his map - a hall of mirrors. If he had a data card, he could easily switch between the Light and Dark Worlds. This is not an option, however.

Where should Michael go? The Dark version of his house? The Doctor's Office/Hardware store? The diner/pool hall? The Sheriff's Office and Morgue?