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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 23

Michael approaches what is supposed to be the diner and pool hall. He enters the diner.

Mike: What is there to eat around here?
Bartender: I still have some rations of liquefied entrails in my food dispensers. Very filling.
Mike: It sure is empty around here.
Bartender: The regulars don't come around much anymore. Things have changed since the takeover. I get a few of the Priveleged Workers every now and then, but that's about it.
Mike: Did someone take over the Dark World?
Bartender: Yes, the invaders from space. Everyone calls them the Ancients. They've taken over our world. They run everything from their spaceship, but no one sees them. They use their minions to maintain control.
Mike: Who are the Ancients?
Bartender: Horrible beings with great mental powers. They've been systematically eliminating us. But I stopped living in fear a long time ago - I've resigned myself to death.
Mike: When did the Ancients first arrive?
Bartender: More than a year ago. The first few months were very bloody. Half of our population was wiped out, and our government fell. The Ancients now control our judges and the Drekketh Guard.
Mike: Do the Ancients have total control over the Dark World?
Bartender: Yes. Now we're in a police state. And I'd steer clear of the Hall of Justice if I were you. The Dark Justices are not very friendly toward strangers. Especially those who are organic, instead of biomechanical.
Mike: Who are the minions?
Bartender: The troopers who enforce the Ancients' decrees and the justices who administer them. We have no one to defend us any longer. The Keepers are all dead - or imprisoned.
Mike: What decrees did the Ancients impose?
Bartender: Those not chosen to be killed must obey the Ancients' will. We no longer lead our own lives.
Mike: Just what are the Keepers?
Bartender: The Keepers were our government. Truth, Light, and Justice. It's all gone now.

Mike: What are these creatures I see peering out of the walls every now and then.
Bartender: Them? They're electro-vermin, chewing on the power cables most likely. They're just about my only customers these days.
Mike: Anything unusual going on around here lately?
Bartender: Unusual? Besides being enslaved by a master race of alien beings, not much.
Mike: Is there anyone here to lead a revolt?

Mike: Thanks for your time. I'll see you around.
Bartender: Perhaps. If I'm not scheduled to be fed to a life-force leech first.

Michael looks around and sees something on the bar.

Michael approaches the head on the side.

He pushes the button.

Hmmm. Michael examines the holes in the wall.

Done with the diner/bar, Michael goes next door to the pool hall.

Michael wonders who could be imprisoned here. He tries to remember where Slim lives, but...