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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 25

Michael is frankly afraid of what the morgue has to show him. He enters the courthouse.

Michael sees a staff to the right. He attempts to take it.

A Drekketh Guardsman swings by on a hanger and admonishes him for attempting to take the item on the table. Micahel knows that this warning is fatal if ignored and goes away and in to the Sheriff's office.

He leaves and enters the Sheriff's office.

Michael examines the body on the wall.

Michael considers freeing the creature.

But he is beginning to understand the Dark World. He attempts to enter the prison on the right.

And is again thwarted. Left with no choice, he enters the morgue. As soon as he enters, a creature is brought in speedily via the overhanging rail.

Michael attempts to enter the door on the right, but...

Michael examines the Justice.

Michael decides to reason with the Justice. Too late, he realizes that this courtroom corresponds to the Light World's morgue waiting room.