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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 27

So, at this point, I think I should explain the mechanics of death in Darkseed 2, or more specifically, the mechanics of Dark World death.

It might look like you have infinite lives in Darkseed 2, but in fact, you only have one. Die and it's Game Over with one exception. When the Keeper of the Light dies, you are allowed to die once and get resurrected. Die a second time and the machine Mike dodged earlier pours fluid on him, he falls into the river and the game ends.

In other words, consider the Keeper of the Light's death a 1-up.

Unfortunately, this also allows you to render the game unwinnable. If you die in any other fashion - such as getting shot by the Drekketh Guard, shot by Ik and Uk, electrocuted in the recreation center (pool hall) or having your entrails blown out of your torso (before you ask, of course I have screenshots!), that means you die and use up your extra life.

Which means you cannot get the data card and therefore cannot complete the game. (Because the Privileged Worker hadn't died yet.)

Yep. Die in any other fashion Darkseed 2 and it's unwinnable. You get resurrected, but since you can't die twice, you can't leave the River of the Dead with the data card.

Lovely right? Hope you had an earlier savepoint. Because I didn't when it happened to me. It's Darkseed 2's way of telling you, "Go screw, dumpkopf!" Oh well. Back to the Dark World to solve the riddle of Ik and Uk!