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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 28

Dark World Sideshow

Michael approaches the Dark World Minnie & Daisy.

Mike: Is it daytime?
Right Biomechanoid: Of course it's daytime.
Left Biomechanoid: No, it is most definitely night.
Mike: Which one of you is Ik?
Right Biomechanoid: During the night, I claim to be Ik. I am really Uk.
Left Biomechanoid: He's lying! I am Uk. I am Uk and it is night.
Mike: Which one of you is telling the truth?
Right Biomechanoid: I am. I am Uk and it is night.
Left Biomechanoid: He is not! It is not! I am Uk, and it's daytime, and that's final!
Mike: Okay, I know the answer to your riddle.
Left Biomechanoid: Then tell us which is which.

Michael answers.

The zipper opens.

Michael sees the Dark World Gargan to the right.

Michael feeds it the rancid meat from the bar. Dark Gargan appears to be too busy chewing to pay attention. He enters the prison to see the Dark World Pandora.

Which, predictably, is the Keeper of the Scrolls.

Mike: What's going on?
Keeper of the Scrolls: We are besieged by the Ancients once again. They have conquered the Dark World and enslaved its inhabitants. Soon the Ancients will enter your world and do the same to your people.
Mike: What is the Ancients' plan this time?
Keeper of the Scrolls: They are hatching a horrid creature called the Behemoth. It is now incubating behind their power generator. This creature will enter your world and drain all life from it.
Mike: But I thought the Ancients weren't capable of entering the Normal World.

Michael asks a silly question - as soon as it leaves his lips, he regrets it.

Mike: What must I do next?
Keeper of the Scrolls: The Shape Shifter is gathering heads for the Ancients' power generator. The generator taps directly into the victims' brain cells. Once four human heads are implanted, the incubator will be fully powered and the Behemoth will hatch.
Mike: How do I destroy the power generator?
Keeper of the Scrolls: Seek out Goth the Hermit - he lives beyond the recreation center. Goth served the Keeper of the Sword. He has studied the power generator and knows how to use the three Points to destroy it.
Mike: What are the Points?
Keeper of the Scrolls: The Points of the Triangle are the three icons that have kept the peace in the Dark World until the arrival of the Ancients. The Light, the Scrolls, and the Sword.
Mike: I met the Keeper of the Light. She said the Light had been stolen.
Keeper of the Scrolls: Yes, I know. She is dead. I felt her life force extinguish. But if the Drekketh Guard have taken the Light, then it may still be in the Hall of Troopers.
Mike: Do you still have the Scrolls?
Keeper of the Scrolls: No, Michael. When I learned that the Drekketh Guard were coming to arrest me, I gave the Scrolls to the Keeper of the Sword for safekeeping.
Mike: Where do I find the Keeper of the Sword?
Keeper of the Scrolls: The Keeper of the Sword was arrested not long after me. She is now under trial at the Hall of Justice. However, her life force is weakening. She may already be dead.
Mike: How can I identify the Shape Shifter?
Keeper of the Scrolls: Only by facing your destiny will you know that. You must do it, Michael. Go back to your own world and search. Look hard at everyone you know. Look into your memories. You will find the answer there.
Mike: What must I do next?

Michael decides it is time to retrieve the Light.

Michael thinks of how to say this.

The Drekketh Guard slides away. Michael takes the Light.

Michael decides he must find the Shape Shifter in the Light World. And he can only do that by clearing his name.