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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 3

So, let's explore the final room in the house - the bathroom!

Alright, let's grab some of those pills Mom mentioned.

Dr. Sims, eh? We'll have to go see him later.

Wait a sec, "proscribe"? posted:

pro‧scribe  /proʊˈskraɪb/
-verb (used with object), -scribed, -scrib‧ing.
1. to denounce or condemn (a thing) as dangerous or harmful; prohibit.
2. to put outside the protection of the law; outlaw.
3. to banish or exile.
4. to announce the name of (a person) as condemned to death and subject to confiscation of property.

Sigh. Anyway, let's take a shower.

Ick. Not only is Mike not showering, but he's wearing the same outfit from the last game he was in.

Great, we have a 4 room house with a spotty bathroom. No wonder Mike is depressed.

This is a Windows 3.1 game, so they use the standard subwindow for the saved games. Anyone who's played this before knows where I am at the "mirrors are annoying!" savegame.

Incidentally, the abandonware version of this game comes with the "Fawfulhafsury" save game, for God knows what reason.

Let's go outside and meet our best friend, Jack!