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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 30

Michael returns from the Dark World to note that the teddy bear has transformed in his inventory.

Michael decides to put the prize back at the Dark Wheel of Fortune.

Michael realizes that because the Light World and Dark World are closely connected electromagnetically, he may have cause power problems in both worlds. Perhaps a lock has opened somewhere...

This is none of his concern right now, though. He decides to go back to the Food Hall.

More blood on Mike's hands. He goes next door to the Recreational Center.

This door is now unlocked. Michael decides to enter and find the Dark World equivalent of Slim.

Michael enters an opening directly to the left of where he came from.

Mike: No, I need to talk to you.
Goth: Wait! You're a human, aren't you? From the other side?
Mike: Yes. The Keeper of the Scrolls sent me.
Goth: I thought so! The Ancients haven't seized control of your side yet. Can you do something for me? I am dying.
Mike: What happened to you?
Goth: I was trampled during a skirmish with the Troopers at Tau Square. My exoskeleton is broken. There is no one I can go to. The Healers are all dead - killed by the Ancients.
Mike: What can I do for you?

Mike: I can bring you some drugs from the Normal World.
Goth: Please, hurry! I do not know how much longer I can cling to consciousness!

Before Michael leaves, he spots something over the door.

Michael examines something on the back wall.

Earlier, the device on the ceiling was pulsing with visible and audible electrical charge. It is now silent. Michael examines it.

He decides to take it.

And return to the Normal World.